Homecoming Event 2017 at BAU

04 October 2017

With the beginning of the new Academic Year, and as with every year,  the Students’  Activities Administration at Beirut Arab University organized the “BAU Homecoming Event” at Debbieh and Tripoli Campuses in the presence of the President of BAU Prof. Amr Galal El- Adawi, students, and Academic Staff. 
The event aimed at introducing the new students to the university clubs and encourage them to be part of it as they serve in the students’ interaction and sense of belonging to the university.
The day marked the 20th Anniversary of the Students’ Activities Administration and was celebrated with various activities that urged students to take the initiative and volunteer through the Red Cross Club at the university, the Scouts performances and recreational competitions between the university clubs, which added a touch of enthusiasm and competitiveness besides the atmosphere of music, entertainment and food.
Prof. Amr Galal El Adawi wished all students a successful academic year, encouraging them to enroll in these clubs as they complement the student’s personality and university life.
In turn, Ms. Nadine Abla, Director of Students’ Activities Administration, thanked the students for their incessant interaction with the activities, noting that the past 20 years have added a youthful and interactive color to the university life. she also expressed her heartfelt gratitude for the President’s support, showing the willingness and devotion to help all those seeking to discover their talents.
The event also included a musical competition among the University Faculties supervised by composer Salim Assaf and the Head of the Music Department Ms. Suha Karaki Ghazal. The students presented a selection of songs and the winners were nominated to participate in another competition at Tripoli campus so that only one student will be selected to perform a song composed by Assaf. 
The day closed with a concert by Artist Carole Samaha, who sang a set of her best songs, which appealed to the students. Carole thanked BAU for providing this opportunity to meet with the students, saying that this event reminds her of the old days at university and commending BAU for the efforts exerted to make this day a success.  
In Tripoli, Rabih El Gemayel celebrated the event with a set of his popular songs.
Samaha and El Gmayel were granted honorary shields as a token of appreciation.


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