Fifty-eight Years of BAU Pioneering Educational and Humanitarian Journey

07 November 2017

Grants Mohammad Hout the Honorary Doctorate and Honours HE Ambassador Shamusi 
El-Adawi: This occasion reflects the achievements of the past, the success of the present, and the aspirations of the future

During its 58th Celebration Anniversary, Beirut Arab University awarded Mohamad Hout, Chairman and Director General of the Middle East Airlines, the Honorary Doctorate in Business Administration in recognition of his efforts and achievements in raising Lebanon's name in the Arab and International Forums for many years. The Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to Lebanon HE Dr. Hamad Saeed Al Shamusi was also honoured during this event as a distinguished Alumnus who enriched his country and the field of business with his remarkable experiences.
This celebration was the culmination of the International Accreditations attained by the majority of the Faculties, Departments and Programs at BAU as well as the International Institutional Accreditation of the university in 2015 from the most prestigious educational institutions which serves an indication of the quality of education offered by its various programs and departments. 
The Ceremony Celebration was attended by a Political, Diplomatic and Economic crowd, Businessmen, as well as Educational, Cultural and Social Bodies led by M.P. Dr. Ammar Houri, representing Presidents Saad Hariri and Fouad Siniora.
The ceremony began with the Lebanese National Anthem and the University Anthem. Then, a short film, prepared by the Office of Communications- Public Relations Administration, was presented, highlighting the International Accreditations received by the Faculties and summarizing BAU’s journey towards success and excellence during the last ten years.
In her welcome speech, Director of Public Relations Administration, Ms. Zina Houri asserted that, despite all the challenges that have plagued the university's journey, it has made great strides in its scientific and academic mission to become a development and creative institution that has offered up-to-date potentials to the Lebanese and Arab Communities over the years.
In turn, President of Beirut Arab University Prof. Amr El-Adawi stated that this occasion reflects the achievements of the past, the success of the present, and the aspirations of the future and its challenges. With every passing year, the University proves again that it is a formidable educational and cultural experience. It is the moment when all the attention is oriented towards our University which asserts that has now become world-renowned, accompanied by International Institutional Accreditation, as well as International Academic Accreditation of most of its faculties, departments and programs. These all witness vivid research activities and developments which brings BAU to the lead with all the scientific advancements and job-market requirements.
By 2020, according to El Adawi, “BAU will become a vital and interactive forum, with its Lebanese surroundings and the Arab region. It will offer ambitious plans to attract creative potential and excellent researchers, who will benefit from the rich educational environment we offer. The aim is to launch new energies and new names of prominent scholars, leaders, and scientists, who live up to the reputation of our University, and who enrich Lebanon and the Arab World with splendid experiences”.
For El-Adawi, the honouring of HE Dr. Hamad Saeed El Shamusi comes for the bright and civilized image of the UAE he presents throughout his presence in Lebanon. Granting an Honorary Doctorate to an outstanding name in Lebanon, in particular in the field of management, namely the Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Manager of Middle East Airlines, Mr. Mohamed Hout was due to his efforts and wise management, as he has successfully raised Lebanon High and surprised Lebanon and the Arab World with the launching of a modern training centre, aiming at serving the entire region. This is the best proof of his efficacy and capabilities, for which he has earned this honouring.
"This university, which has never been satisfied but with top ranks, has actively and vigorously sought international institutional accreditation as well as international accreditation of most of its faculties. This has widened the graduates’ horizons in the various job markets and fields around the globe," said HE Dr. Hamad Saeed Al Shamusi. "Today,” he continued, “it gives me great honour and pride to belong to this prestigious academic institution and to represent my country under the leadership of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. We do believe that science and knowledge are the most powerful weapon to combat ignorance, extremism and terrorism. Hence, the UAE has been keen to launch national and Arab initiatives to spread awareness and as reading is key to civilization and renaissance, we support BAU’s lofty mission throughout 58 years to persevere as a beacon for the next generation, a pillar for the progress and success of our nation." 
After a short film summarising BAU’s faculties, departments and facilities, Dean of Faculty of Business Administration Professor Nehal Farid Moustafa spoke of Mr. Mohammed Hout’s achievements which serve as a national message that success in business is viable despite the security and political conditions in the Middle East. For her, perseverance helps face obstacles, and sincerity at work and effective management can help move a giant company such as Middle East from loss to profitability to become a the pride of all Lebanese.

Then, President El-Adawi handed Mr. Hout the Honorary Doctorate in the presence of Prof. Nehal Farid Mustafa, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Waqf Al-Baran Dr. Saeed Jazairi and BAU Secretary General Dr. Omar Houry.
Then Mr. Hout delivered a speech in which he stated: "I am one of those who believe that the successful people make their titles and status, not the opposite, but I cannot deny the joy and pride I felt as I knew of BAU Council’s decision to award me the honorary doctorate. While I am standing here, the most precious moments in my life, my successes and my failures are being recalled to mind. The University decision is an honour to me and my family, an honour to the Middle East Airlines and all those who contributed to its establishment, construction and development,” he continued, "Your decision reminds me of the day you awarded the first honorary doctorate in the history of the University to Prime Minister Rafic Hariri in 1994," he said, "At that time, HE Hariri spoke on behalf of tens of thousands of Lebanese and Arab Graduates, saying that nothing protects our country, our nation and our future except science and knowledge, and that powerful people hold their place on the map of nations not only with military power but with their will, determination, education, work, educational and democratic institutions, economic freedom, the rule of law, and political and social justice." Hout concluded, "Lebanon is rich with potentials and the Lebanese youth will always renew their faith in their country and will always find those who cling to their hands as has BAU clung to mine”.
The ceremony ended with taking photos and was followed by a Cocktail Reception. 


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