Marketing and Brand Management (MBA)

MBA 604–Marketing and Brand Management

Course Information

Course Title:                            Marketing and Brand Management

Code:                                      MAB 604

Hours:                                     Lecture: 3        Credit Hours: 3

Academic Year/ Level:           Year: 1            Terms:  2


1-Course Description and Overall Objectives:

The course is designed to provide MBA students with a detailed understanding of contemporary marketing principles, techniques and trends. Responding to International developments and the global expansion of markets and Consumption. It offers an advanced introduction to the latest marketing thinking, Synthesizing knowledge and research from a range of sub-disciplines, for example Consumer research, service innovation, and Future casting. Through this, the course will cultivate core marketing capabilities via cases analysis and applied projects.

 The course has been structured around 3 dimensions. The first dimension focuses on fundamental marketing principles: the firm’s operating environment, market focus, and customer analysis. The next Dimension addresses the marketing strategy steps: segmentation, targeting and positioning. The third dimension looks at the marketing mix elements of product, price, place, and promotion as well as service marketing.

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