Prof. Mohammad Hasan Kassem

Prof. Mohammad Hasan Kassem
Faculty: Law and Political ScienceDepartment: LawPosition: Dean of the faculty, Professor and Head of the Department of Civil LawPhone: 01-300110Ext: 2215


Kassem Mohamad received his PhD in Law in 1992 from Aix-Marseille University. He obtained his Bachelor in Law from Alexandria University. He is the Dean of the faculty, professor and Head of the Department of Civil Law. He worked as Professor at Alexandra University.

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Teaching Experience

Before joining BAU, he worked as assistant/associate and Professor at Alexandria University at Civil Department-Faculty of Law.


Supervision and Defense

Professor Kassem supervised and have participated in many thesis and projects defense such as:

  • Legal protection of the rights of the authors (PhD)
  • The Legal System of temporary ownership contract (A study in Iraqi Law)
  • Maintaining the share’s rights within the governance of companies
  • The legality of evidences in the criminal Proof ( A comparative study) 


Research and Publications:

  • Introduction to Law: Part I: the legal rule and Part II: Theory of the right
  • Sale contract according of the modern legislative and judicial evolutions and consumer-protection legislation
  • Phases of negotiations of a contract of informatization
  • Proof of the error in the medical matters
  • Termination of the insurance contract after the realization of the peril and the necessity of the protecting the insured
  • Contracting from distance
  • Legal protection for the privacy of the employee in the face of some aspects of modern technology
  • Medicine between practice and human rights
  • Some semblance of legal protection for the consumer contracts electronically - Journal of Justice – Vol: 3- 2014
  • Certain aspects of legal protection of the consumer in electronic contract,  by virtue of the provisions of French and Arabic legal system, Adel Review, 3, 2014
  • Unilateral termination of the contract and the role of the Judge of urgent Matters, Adel review, 2, 2015


Participated in many conferences and scientific activities, including:

  • Conference on "International Arbitration", organized by the Lebanese Center for Arbitration in cooperation with the International Chamber of Commerce (Beirut) 1999
  • Conference on "Professional Responsibility", organized by the Faculty of Law, Beirut Arab University (2000), a member of the organizing committee, he presented a research on the responsibility of the Bank's donor credit
  • Bicentenary of the French Civil Code (1804-2004), organized by the Faculty of Law, Beirut Arab University, and presented a paper entitled a look at the evolution of medical responsibility
  • Chair of the Secretariat of the Scientific Conference of the Faculty of Law - Beirut Arab University (24-26/4/2006) about the new in the field of insurance in Lebanon and the Arab world
  • Workshop on capacity-building in the area of legal protection on the Internet, organized by the Centre of Research and Studies in Legal Informatics, Faculty of Law, Lebanese University, the Bar Association (Beirut), the Friedrich Eberth Foundation and the Lebanese Society for Information Technology, under the patronage of Lebanese Minister of Justice (4 to 5 February 2009), and chaired the session on the legal aspect of IT risk
  • Training on A family courts, and issues of personal status, organized by the Faculty of Law - University of Alexandria (18-21/1 / 2010), presented a lecture about the family courts and the application of the laws of non-Muslims.. Selected Issues
  • Conference of the Faculty of Law - University of Alexandria, entitled "Trends in legislative regulation of judicial (10-11 / 3 / 2010)
  • Seminar on "Combating Human Trafficking", organized by the Faculty of Law - University of Alexandria (22-5-2010)
  • Workshop on Overview on the new developments in the professional liability, 8 December 2010, Beirut Arab University, Beirut, Lebanon
  • BAU Conference on “Harmonization of the Law:  the Hague Conference, Unidroit and UNCITRAL”, 10-11 September, 2012, Beirut Arab University, Beirut, Lebanon