Assessment Strategy

  • General Guidelines
  • Continuous assessment is adopted in each module.

    Assessment of knowledge is based on MCQs, Extended Matching Questions, Short Answer Questions (SAQ) and Modified Essay Questions (MEQ).

    Assessment of skills level is assessed using Objective Structured Practical and Clinical Examinations (‘OSPE’ and ‘OSCE’).

    Portfolios, log books and supervisors’ evaluation of student performance is used in assessing the student’s population/community based activities and performance in the clerkship.

  • Assessment in Phase I (Pre-clerkship Phase):
  • Assessment in this phase is integrated following each module.

    Results are presented as course GPA and cumulative GPAs.

  • Assessment in Phase II and III (Clerkship and Pre-internship Phases):
  • In these phases, there will be a Clerkship Rotations Assessment.

    Clerkship performance evaluation will be based on: Active participation in different clinical activities, student’s portfolio, and end of module exams.

  • Integrated Clerkship Entry Exam:
  • The Exam is designed to check the acquisition of intended learning outcomes during the first three years.

    The First Session is conducted at the end of the Sixth Semester.

    A Second Session for those who didn’t pass from the 1st attempt is conducted during the 1st week of the next Fall Semester.

    The student has the right to reattempt the exam twice.

    The student is not permitted to enter the Integrated Clerkship Entry Exam unless his/her CGPA is above 2.