The Bachelor Degree in Medicine and Surgery (MBBCh) requires a total of 204 Credit hours +ICDL where the standard duration of the medical curriculum is six years delivered in 12 semesters. The integrated Outcome Based Curriculum is designed to be delivered in three phases followed by one year of internship. Mandatory Courses: 190 Cr. General University Requirements: 14 Cr.(5 Cr. Mandatory and 9 Cr. SSC) +ICDL.
Phase I:
Pre clerkship Phase (Semesters 1 to 6) which includes nine modules. Each module in this phase integrates important concepts in basic medical sciences with each other and with some clinical problems through problem based learning.
Phase II:
Clerkship Phase (Semesters 7 to 10) which includes clinical rotations in Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Medicine and medical subspecialties, Surgery and surgical subspecialties, Family and Emergency Medicine . The medical program in this phase focuses upon learning in the clinical environments.
Phase III:
Pre internship Phase (Semesters 11 and 12) which includes clinical rotation in major medical branches together with a clinical elective course. In this phase, the students function as sub-interns and they are responsible for their own patients under supervision.