1. Professor Antoine Boustany, President of the Lebanese Order of Physicians.
  2. Dr. Mariam Rajab, Head of Education and Scientific Research Committee at Makassed Hospital.
  3. Dr. Zeina Hammoud, Chairman of internal medicine Department at Hammoud University Hospital.
  4. Mr. Azzam Houri, General Manager of Dar-Al- Ajazah Al Islamiyah Hospital.
  5. Dr. Nabil Kronfol, The founder and President of the Lebanese healthcare management association.
  6. Dr. Hassan Abdallah, Medical Director of Rayak Hospital.
  7. Dr. Walid Alameh , Director of Medical Staff.
  8. Dr. Haytham Zarzour Medical Director of Zahraa Hospital.
  9. Dr. Mohamad Mufid Assi, Representative of civil society organizations.