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The Radio and Television Studio was established in the 2007 to coordinate and expand media training activities at the University for students majoring in Mass Communication. In the year 2008 the studio started offering media facilities for faculties and centers of the university. By the end of the year 2008 the studio began hosting several media projects from outside university. 
Located at the 11th  Floor in “Hariri Building”, the Media Center is divided to several mini studios that include: 
1. TV Studio: 
Equipped with professional lighting and cameras with an area of 13 x 9.7 x 3.4 
        (L x W x H to grid) 
2. TV Control Room: 
Equipped with Professional Audio & Video Mixers and Preview Monitors 
3. Radio Studio: 
Soundproofed Studio Equipped With  Monitor Speakers and Professional Microphone Set
4. Radio Control Room: 
Equipped with Professional Mixer & Audio Monitors as well as a professional Computer for Audio Recording         and editing 
5. News Room: 
Equipped with Local & International Satellite Stations in addition to computers for accessing News Agencies’ Websites 
6. Editing Room:
Equipped with several editing workstations with professional programs 

Functions of the Studio

1. Student training in the fields of TV, Radio, and News 
2. Photo Video Shooting 
3. Film Production 
4. Visual Animation 
5. Graphic Design 
6. Documentation of campus conferences, lectures and special events.


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