Managerial Economics

BECO 406 – Managerial Economics

Basic Information

Course Title:                                       Mnagerial Economics
Code:                                                  BECO406
Hours:                                                 Lecture: 2        Credit Hours: 3          
Prerequisite(s):                                    None
Academic Year / Level:                      Year: 3            Term:

1-Course Description and Overall Objective:

Managerial Economics is the use of economic theory and mathematical and statistical techniques in order to examine how a firm can make optimal managerial decisions given the constraints it faces. The main objective of this course is to equip students with the necessary theory and techniques and the ability to apply them in order to inform and enhance managerial decision-making. Topics covered include: goals of the firm, demand and supply theory and estimation, forecasting and measurement, theory of production and theory of cost theory, pricing and output determination under different market structures as well as game theory. 

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