Managerial Accounting (MBA)

MBA 609 – Managerial Accounting

Basic Information

Course Title:                           Managerial Accounting
Code:                                      MBA609
Hours:                                     Lecture:  3       Credit: 3
Prerequisite:                            None.
Academic Year/Level:            Year: 1            Term: 1           

1-Course Description and Overall Objectives:

This course introduces Managerial Accounting as the provision of Accounting Information for a company’s internal users. It is the firm’s internal accounting system and is designed to support the information needs of managers. Unlike financial accounting, managerial accounting is not bound by any formal criteria such as Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Managerial Accounting has three broad objectives:

  • To provide information for planning the organization’s actions.
  • To provide information for controlling the organization’s actions.
  • To provide information for making effective decisions.

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