What Are the Circulation Rules For postgraduate Students?

Answer: The Student Will Have To Pay 100.000 As A Down Payment (That Is Returnable) To The Financial Office. After That, Student should show the librarian the receipt he got and Borrow 5 Books for 2 Weeks.

For more information, please visit this Link: http://www.bau.edu.lb/services-library-home

Does The Library Open On Fridays At The Prayers Time?

Answer: Yes It Does.

How to Photocopy a Paper?

Answer: The Student Will Have To Buy Magnetic Card That Allow Him To Photocopy Around 100 Copies Per 5000L.L. He Can Get It From The Financial Office.

What about the Library Opening Hours in summer?

Answer: The Library Opens From 9:00 Am until 3:00 Pm or check this link http://www.bau.edu.lb/Opening-Hours

How can I access the library databases off-campus?

First, log in to your I-connect in cmapus, then access any databases & create an account or profile.

How can i create an account on Turn it in?

If you are professor or student, you will have to contact the E-resources administrator on s.zahr@bau.edu.lb so she can create you an account.