Academic Development & Quality Dean's Message

Prof. Mohamed Saad Raslan

Dean, Academic Development & Quality

In the highly global competitiveness of higher education, our task is to maintain and enhance BAU’s reputation and academic excellence by providing effective services for students during the educational process and technical assistance for all faculties to achieve national and international quality assurance standards in higher education.

One of BAU’s greatest achievements is the international institutional accreditation from one of the most prestigious European bodies in quality assurance and accreditation of higher education institutions as well as program accreditation in almost BAU disciplines. This qualitative witness of the level of education in the University has a positive impact on the educational, research and administrative systems of BAU. It also expands to create opportunities for students and professors’ exchange and mobility beyond our region’s boundaries.

We strongly believe in the adaptation of graduates to have the professional skills as well as skills in research and entrepreneurship; this task is accomplished in consultation with advisory committees and stakeholders in order to promote cooperation with our community, assure the satisfaction of our stakeholders, and meet the market demands.

Finally, we were looking for high and international standards of our educational system and we have proved ourselves.