PHD in Law

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize in depth Civil Law and Civil Procedural Law with all its related topics and its modern developments.
  • Distinguish in depth aspects of Islamic Law.
  • Describe evaluate and analyze concepts of in depth Penal and Criminal law.
  • Recognize in depth Public Law, Constitutional law, Administrative Law, and Administrative Judicature.
  • Demonstrate in depth knowledge of international Public Law: International Organization, International Economic Law, and International Humanitarian Law.
  • Recognize in depth Private International Law including Private law, International Trade Citizenship and Foreigner’s Status, Arbitration.
  • Recognize in depth the Philosophy of Law and Acquire Practical Aspects of Legal Methodology.
  • Recognize in depth Public Finance and International Economy from legal point of view.
  • Comment and appraise legal decisions.
  • Develop legal thinking as compatible with the technological and scientific updates.
  • Conduct comparative analysis to provide solutions to the communities’ issues and problems.
  • Face legal and political challenges in the globalization era.
  • Recognize in depth public policies, International and Diplomatic Relations, Political and Contemporaneous Issues, Methods of Political Science, Political Geography.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Faculty of Law and Political Science can be:

  • Lawyers
  • Work as researcher at the center for studies
  • Work in the management of research projects
  • Work in regional and international organizations
  • Work in civil society organizations
  • Work as Consultant oflegal affairs inbanks, corporations, ministries and public services
  • Diplomatic and Consular representative
  • Professors and lecturers in universities and institutes.

Academic Program

Admission Requirements

Applicants may hold a Master's Degree from BAU or an equivalent.

Program Overview

Ph.D. Degrees

The PhD Degree requirements consist of 60 Credit hours taken as follows:

  1. Mandatory Courses: 12Crs.(taken in one semester or two)
  2. Thesis: 48 Crs.

The standard duration of study to obtain the PhD in Law and Political Science is minimum three years:

(One or two semesters for courses + two years minimum for dissertation).