Name Position
HE Minister Ashraf RIFI Minister of Justice
Judge Prof. Ali IBRAHIM Financial Attorney General in Lebanon
Delegated for teaching
Faculty of Law and Political Sciences - Beirut Arab University
Prof. Khaled KABBANI General Director of social welfare institutions - the Islamic Orphanage)
Prof. Adnan DAHER Secretary General of the Lebanese Parliament
Professor George JREIJ President of the Beirut Bar Association
Judge Dr. Suhail BOUJI Secretary General of the Council of Ministers
Prof. Samir AL-JISR deputy in the Lebanese parliament - and former minister of justice
Professor Michel KHOURY President of the Bar Association in Tripoli
Judge Marlene AL-JIRR Inspector f Judicial Inspection Department
Prof. Abdul Hafiz GHALAYINI Member OF Beirut Municipality Council
Prof. Ahmad SAFSOUF Former Secretary general of the Beirut Bar Association