Introduction to Econometrics

BECO 414 –Introduction to Econometrics

Basic Information

Course Title:                                       Introduction to Econometrics

Code:                                                  BECO 414

Hours:                                                 Lecture: 3        Tutorial: In-class Credit Hours: 3      

Prerequisite(s):                                   None

Academic Year / Level:                      Year: 3            Term: 2           


1-Course Description and Overall Objectives:

This course is an introduction to the theory and practice of econometrics, the application of statistical methods to the analysis of economic and financial phenomena.  The course is based on intuitive understanding rather than on proof and derivations. The main objective of this course is learning to apply statistical and econometric methods in both economic and financial contexts. It helps students make use of econometrics to solve real-world economic problems using the statistical software Gretl.

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