International Economics

BECO 403– International Economics

Basic Information

Course Title:                                      International Economics
Code:                                                 BECO 403
Hours:                                                Lecture: 3                    Credit Hours: 3          
Prerequisite(s):                                  BECO301 &  BECO302
Academic Year / Level:                      Year: 3            Term: 1           

1-Course Description and Overall Objectives:

International economics deals with the economic interdependence among nation. It analyzes the flow of goods, services, and payments between a nation and the rest of the world. Specifically, international economics deals with international trade theory, international trade policy, the balance of payments and foreign exchange markets, and open –economy macroeconomics.

Course Objectives:

On successful completion of the course, students will be able to:
A. Identify and analyze different theoretical models of international economics in light
of ‘real world’ situations
B. Assess the impact of the economies of trade policy and multilateral arrangements.
C. Critically evaluate the character and effect of international trade and globalization
on societies welfare.

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