Intermediate Public Finance

FSCS 202 – Intermediate Public Finance

Basic Information

Course Title:                                      Intermediate Public Finance
Code:                                                 FSCS 202
Hours:                                                Lecture: 2        Tutorial: 0        Credit Hours: 2          
Prerequisite(s):                                  FSCS 201
Academic Year / Level:                    Year: 2            Term: 2

1-Course Description and Overall Aims:

This course provides students with principles of taxation, the concepts of and main differences between income tax, wealth tax and expenditure tax. The student is then subjected to public loans to know about classification of domestic and foreign loans, the effects of real, fake, and foreign loans.

Course Aims:

A. Provide students with in-depth knowledge in public revenues specially taxes and public loans.

B. Recognize the economic and social effects of different tax revenues on the economy.

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