Human Resources Management (MBA)

MBA 602 – Human Resources Management

Basic Information

Course Title:                                       Human Resources Management
Code:                                                  MBA: 602                                          
Hours:                                                 Lecture: 3        Credit Hours: 3          
Academic Year / Level:                      Year: 1            Term:  2

1-Course Description and Overall Objectives:

This course will introduce and overview the major topics in Human Resource Management (HRM). HRM is a fundamental component of the competitiveness, effectiveness, and sustainability of any organization, as it influences who is hired, how they are trained, evaluated, compensated, and what steps are taken to retain them. In turn, HRM plays a critical role in predicting employees’ behavior, attitudes, and performance. In other words, if an organization wants good people, it must practice good HRM.

Throughout this course, we will be covering many topics related to HRM. We will start by examining the holistic context and role of HRM. Afterwards, we will discuss diversity at workplace and the major legislations associated with HRM practices. Next, we will focus on HR planning and job analysis. Then, we will look at various HR practices within the employment cycle, including recruitment and selection, compensation management, performance management, training and development, safety and health and employee relations. Finally, we will highlight the importance of employee engagement and how to minimize employee turnover.

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