The center consists of a TV Studio, a Radio Studio and a computer lab. It was established in 2007 to provide media training courses and workshops for students of Mass Communication in specific, as well as the university students in general and society at large.

Existing equipment: TV Studio:
· Measures 13 x 10 sq meters.
·  Equipped with professional lighting, cameras and a control room.Equipped with an operational news room linked to Local and international satellite stations and news agency wires.

Radio Studio:
· Soundproof studio
· Furnished with advanced equipment for audio recording, mixing and final mastering. 

Computer Lab:
· Equipped with several workstations with professional editing programs.

The Computer Lab is located on the 11th floor of the Hariri building. It supports a number of aspects required in the Mass Communication Program.

Existing equipment: Computer Lab:
§  15 desktop PCs Configurations
§ Core i3-2120
§  2x2GB DDR3-1333
§  DVD SuperMulti SATA
§  HDD SATA III 500 GB 7.2k
§  Country kit (INT, power cord EU)
§  KB400 PS2 black AR/GBMade in Germany

The Language Lab (LL) is located on the 10th floor of the Hariri Building, and consists of two rooms. It is designed to accommodate the full range of language competence and needs, from beginner levels to more advanced levels.

Existing equipment: §  76 internet-connected desktop PCs for students
§  2 internet-connected desktops for instructors
§  1 white-board
§  1 DVD player
§  1 CD player
§  1 data show

The Psychology Laboratory consists of a number of tests, questionnaires and inventories, as well as instruments. The tests are for assessing the mental abilities, IQ, critical thinking and creativity of subjects. The questionnaires and inventories measure the dimensions of personality, mental health and mental and psychological disorders.
Students of the second year are trained in ways and methods of applying mental-ability and IQ tests according to the regulations and changing quantitive scores into qualitative ones by using the scoring key for each test.
Third years students are also trained in applications of inventories and questionnaires which will help them later on in diagnosing and classifying people into normal and abnormal groups. Some of these inventories are used internationally, while others are used nationally.
Scales and inventories are standardized according to the Arab World and are reliable in the Lebanese community.
- Instruments:
Yong Maze
Motor Coordination Instrument
Drawing vs. Picture
- Technician: Head of the Psychology Department
- Ext.: 009611-300110-2539