Hospitality Managerial Accounting

BACC 416 – Hospitality Managerial Accounting

Basic Information

Course Title:                Hospitality Managerial Accounting

Code:                          BACC 416

Hours:                         Lecture:3 Hrs     Credit: 3

Prerequisite:                BACC 202

Academic Year:          Year: 3            Term: 6


1-Course Description and Overall Objectives:


This course is designed as a course at undergraduate level.  The key aim  of this course is to provide a comprehensive understanding to the interaction between business environment and managerial accounting in hospitality industry. In addition, the course emphasizes the use of accounting information for internal planning and control purposes. The course covers the role of management accounting in decisions concerning resource allocation and performance evaluation, application of high-low method, Cost-Volume-Profit analysis (CVP), operating budgets and capital budgeting decisions in hospitality industry.

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