Sahel General Hospital

Founded by Dr. Fakhry ALAME in 1983 and is considered as one of the biggest health care foundation in the southern suburb. The hospital is affiliated with the Lebanese University Faculty of Medical Sciences since 1985 and Beirut Arab University, Faculties of Medicine (2002) and Health Sciences (2015). The hospital aims:

  • To serve as an acute care hospital for its service area and as a regional referral center for general and specialized medical care services for all targeted areas of South Lebanon, the mountains, Bekaa, and the greater Beirut area
  • To continue being a full time teaching hospital affiliated to the Lebanese University School of Medicine & Faculty of Health Sciences, Beirut Arab University, & others
  • To encourage and stimulate a high level of medical competence
  • To provide sub-specialty in Open heart , Urology, Radiology, Diagnostic, and Nuclear Medicine …
  • To participate in educating its community
  • To participate in planning and coordinating of future health care service
  • To offer care in the most efficient, effective, less risk and cost conscious manner possible