Mousawat has been operating in Lebanon since 1983, first as a subsidiary of Norwegian People’s Aid and most recently in 2008 as an independent organization.

Mousawat aims to work with persons with disabilities to provide key technical assistance that is unavailable elsewhere in the Palestinian community. Mousawat also works to advocate for the ratification and implementation of the CRPD (Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities) in Lebanon. The organization follows the‘social model of disability’ methodology and work systemically to identify and address barriers, negative attitudes and exclusion factors that contribute to people with disabilities.

Mousawat runs 6 centers that offer different types of rehabilitation and inclusion approaches of People with disabilities, especially children.

After the Syrian Crisis, Mousawat with the support of several international NGOs has launched a special emergency project to respond to the urgent needs of the people with disabilities among the Syrian and Palestinian refugees from Syria.

Mousawat started a rehabilitation center in Ersal area, and a mobile rehabilitation unit to work in the remote areas to"dignify" the refuge conditions of those people with disabilities.

Besides that, Mousawat in coordination with partners inside Syria, in Damascus and Aleppo has launched a network to start programs inside Syria.

Also, Mousawat helped a group of People with disability to a rehabilitation center inside Aleppo, called Mousawat/Aleppo,and have been active in sending assistive and mobility devices to Damascus area in an intermittent manner according to the availability of funds.

Mousawat intends to invest its long experience in rehabilitating people wounded because of war injuries.

The main challenge that Mousawat meets during its work is the big demand to services rather than guidance and consultation, as people need to cover their basic needs first, Mousawat resources are not yet enough to meet these demands.