Dar Al Ajaza

Dar Al Ajaza Al Islamia was established in September 1952.

Dar Al Ajaza Al Islamia Hospital is specialized in the following key areas:

  • Mental and psychiatric hospital.
  • A retirement home for the elderly patients.
  • For patients with coma and critical cases.
  • Training Hospital for colleges and universities’ students.
  • Educational Hospital for doctors who are doing their specialty in the mental and psychological medicine.

Although the hospital has limited possibilities, it offers many services to the community and people. The hospital contains around 600 beds occupied, and there is a waiting list to check in. The hospital provides services to about 600 resident patients, and it is looking forward to expand their premises to Dahr Al Maghara, which will raise the number to 2,000 beds.

The organization is a non-profit organization and its purpose is to serve the community and to develop the society. They are achieving this purpose through various ways, including the following:

  1. shelter and care and treatment of the elderly and people with disabilities of all ages and religions.
  2. Care and treatment of patients with mental illness and neurological and psychological paralysis of different ages and religions.
  3. Create institutions from hospitals and social welfare institutions for the elderly in Beirut and other areas where appropriate, and each of these institutions have their own internal system.