University Council


Prof. Dr. Amr Galal El-Adawi

Building on our well-esteemed educational background, our constantly expanding vision, our strife for achieving educational excellence, and our dedication to support research into current world issues, we pride ourselves in the unique experiences we offer our students at Beirut Arab University.

Our diverse academic environments allow us to contribute to society by educating empowered society leaders that are not only job-market ready, but who are also fierce competitors in their fields. Read More

Secretary General

Dr. Omar Houri

With more than 10,000 students and 1,000 employees, Beirut Arab University stands out as a constantly evolving community. Its dynamic environment helped BAU grow significantly while retaining its competitive edge: offering youth from different cultures a stimulating academic experience.

Over the past 58 years, BAU alumni body has grown to 110,000 graduates, 70% of which are international students. This unique diversity of students from different nationalities, ethnicities and backgrounds allowed them to learn the “art of thinking independently together”. Read More


Vice President for Tripoli Branch Affairs

Prof. Khaled Hassan Baghdady

Education is one of the main and chief means for enlightening societies and leading countries to a brighter future. At BAU, we offer a massive array of opportunities to our students to enrich their academic, social, cultural, and professional values. Thus emenates our devotion to reinforce our presence in Lebanon by expanding both academically and intellectually.

Owing to its strong belief in human rights, BAU is fully dedicated to contribute to the development of the region in general, and Tripoli city in particular. Read More

Vice President for Medical Sciences

Prof. Essam Osman

Beirut Arab University is redefining medical sector through innovative practices that simplify the way health care education is delivered. A guiding principle at BAU is that in order to deliver exceptional student experiences, we must first ensure that were providing exceptional experiences for our staff and employees. Read More

Representatives of Board of Trustees of the Bir & Ihsan

Prof. Hassan Hallak
Mr. Ayman Toufic Houri


Prof. Mayssah Ahmed El Nayal
Human Sciences
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Prof. Mohammad Hassan Kassem
Law & Political Science
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Prof. Nehale Farid Mostapha
Business Administration
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Prof. Ibtihal El-Bastawissi
Architectural - Design & Built Environment
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Prof. Adel Ahmed Elkordi
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Prof. Ramadan Awad
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Prof. Abdalla El-Lakany
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Prof. Najlaa Moustafa Mashaal
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Prof. Essam Osman
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Prof. Rajaa Fakhoury
Health Sciences
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Prof. Mohamed Saad Raslan
Academic Development & Quality
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Prof. Sobhi Abou Shahine
Student Affairs
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Prof. Hania Nakkash
Graduate Studies & Research
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