Economic Feasibility Study

FSCS 401 – Economic Feasibility Studies I

Basic Information

Course Title:                          Economic Feasibility Studies I
Code:                                     FSCS 401
Hours:                                    Lecture: 3        Tutorial:         Credit Hours: 3          
Prerequisite(s):                      None
Academic Year / Level:         Year: 4            Term: 1

1-Course Description and Overall Aims:

This course provides students with definition of economic feasibility study, the relation between economic feasibility study and economic development, the steps to do pre-feasibility study, the detailed feasibility study (marketing, technical and engineering, financing and financial), the different methods to evaluate the proposed projects and to choose among them especially under risk and uncertainty (NPV, IRR, BCR, decisions tree, etc…) with some case studies.

Course Aims:

A. Recognize the concepts and steps of preparing a feasibility study.

B. Recognize when and why the proposed projects will be accepted or rejected according to private sector point of view.

C. Develop the ability to self appraise and reflect on practice relevant to commercial projects feasibility studies.

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