Said El Shamieh

Said El Shamieh
Faculty: Health SciencesDepartment: Medical Laboratory TechnologyPosition: Assistant ProfessorPhone: 00961-1-300110Ext: 2721E-mail:


Dr. Shamieh obtained a BSc in Medical Laboratory Sciences from the Lebanese University, Lebanon in 2007. Then, in 2009, he earned a M.Sc. in Molecular, cellular and Structural Biology from Lorraine University, France. Subsequently, He was offered a research grant to pursue his PhD in biological sciences at the same University. After completing his PhD in 2012, Dr. Shamieh underwent a 2 years postdoctorate fellowship at the University of Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris, France.
His main research focuses on undergoing genotype - phenotype associations in order to identify genetic variants being implicated in human complex and Mendelian diseases.
In total, Dr. Shamieh has published twenty articles in different peer-reviewed journals, like;  The American Journal of Human Genetics, Human Molecular Genetics, PLoS ONE, Atherosclerosis, International Journal of Cardiology, Clinica Chimica Acta, IOVS and BMC Medical Genetics.
In addition to articles, he is a co-inventor of the patent WO2013093091 revealing specific genetic factors in blood pressure.


Fall Courses 2016/2017

- Genetics and Molecular Biology (3 Credits)
- Forensic Biomedicine (2 credits)
- Cancer Biology and Biomedicine (2 Credits)
- Biochemistry (3 Credits)
- Molecular Genetics (1 Credit)
- Mammalian Toxicology (3 Credits)
- Biochemistry (3 Credits)


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Research Interests

Inherited retinal diseases

Blood pressure

Next generation and Sanger sequencing

Genetic variations (Mutations and SNPs)



2016-2017: Chair of the research committee, faculty of Health Sciences, Beirut Arab University.

2013-2014: Member of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophtalmology.

2011-2016: Member of the European Society of Pharmacogenomics and Theranostics.


A- Invited platform presentations:

2014: Fifth annual Young researchers in Life Sciences conference, Paris, France.

2013: International Society for Genetic Eye Diseases & Retinoblastoma, Ghent, Belgium.

2012: Sixth Santorini International Conference, Santorini, Greece.

2010: Fourth International Meeting of the French Society of Hypertension, Paris, France.


B- Poster presentations:

2014: ARVO conference, Orlando, Florida, USA.

2011: 5th International Meeting of the French Society of Hypertension, Paris, France.

2010: 5th Santorini International Conference, Santorini, Greece.


Supervisor (thesis): Co-supervisor of two PhD students at BAU.