Doaa Ahmad Ghareeb

Doaa Ahmad Ghareeb
Faculty: ScienceDepartment: Biological SciencesPosition: Professor of BiochemistryOffice Number: B116 (A2 building)Phone: +961 7 985 858Ext: 3308E-mail:


Professor Doaa Ghareeb is professor of biochemistry. Because of her eagerness to study the clinical biochemistry, she were logged a M.Sc and Ph.D. degree in this specialization at faculty of science, Alexandria university and she was obtained her M.Sc. degree in 2003 and her Ph.D. degree in 2007 from faculty of science, Alexandria university. In 2007, she was nominated for the post of Coordinator for the workshops in the department and faculty. Due to her interest in the affairs of the environment and society, she was chosen as coordinator social services and environmental development domain as she acted as a member of the Faculty Quality Assurance Unit then assistant director of the Faculty of science Quality Assurance Unit. She had been involved in transferring technology from her university research laboratory to other institute where she was delegated in scientific research and applied technology (SRAT- City). She works in Biomedical area especially natural product drug development. She had 11 projects considered this subject. She has 53 publications in the field of biochemistry in reputed journals. She was a reviewer for Alzheimer association USA. She is the director of Biological screening and preclinical trail lab in her department and she was the manager of project and Scientific Creation office in her faculty. She is a supervisor for several M.Sc and Ph.D students, them theses are about finding a diagnostic marker at gene or protein levels and aromatherapy. She also supervises several international students from Africa and Asia.  
She has a several hand out like; animal models design, protein purification, molecular biology techniques, cell culture techniques, basic microbiology technique, immunotherapy technology and clinical laboratory work.

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Previous courses

Undergraduate Courses:

Natural product; Clinical Biochemistry; Bioorganic Chemistry; General Biochemistry;  Analytical biochemistry ; Practical Biochemistry.
Graduate Courses:

Biotechnology and advanced molecular biology; Advanced topic of protein; molecular immunology, Bases of Molecular Biology Instrumental I; Instrumental II; Complementary Bioanalytical Chemistry, Biological Fluids Analyses



1.    Nehal Elkhouly, Doaa Ghareeb, Hanaa El-Din Assem, 2016, Evaluation Of Fungi Degraded Date Pits In Diminution Of Aflatoxicosis, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, USA, 172

Scientific Papers

1.    Shadia Abdel Hamid Fathy, Samar Sami r Mohamed, Doaa Ahmed Ghareeb, Manal Asem Emam, Dalia Fawzy Abd -El Megeed. In vitro screening of anticandidal activity of some marine algae extracts col lected from Abo-Qir bay (Alexandria, Egypt ). Egypt. J. Exp. Biol. (Bot.), 2017. 13(2): 225 – 231.
2.    Hani S. Hafez,  Doaa A. Ghareeb, Samar R. Saleh, Mariam M. Abady, Maha A. El Demellawy, Hend Hussien, Nihad Abdel-Monem. Neuroprotective effect of ipriflavone against scopolamine-induced memory impairment in rats. Psychopharmacology. DOI 10.1007/s00213-017-4690-x
3.    Moustafa Nouh Elemeery, Ahmed Noah Badr, Marwa Anwar Mohamed, Doaa Ahmed Ghareeb. Validation of a serum microRNA panel as biomarkers for early diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma post-hepatitis C infection in Egyptian patients. World J Gastroenterol 2017 June 7; 23(21): 3864-3875.
4.    Mohamed S.Abdel-Latif, Alaa Hegazy, Sifia Khaili, Doaa Ghareeb. Prophylactic effect of herbal extracts on LPS- induced inflammatory response in rat hepatocytes. International Journal of Phytomedicine, 2017, 9:20-28
5.    Rahma SR Mahrous, Doaa A Ghareeb, Hoda M Fathy, Rasha M Abu EL-Khair, Abdallah A Omar. The Protective Effect of Egyptian Withania somnifera Against Alzeheimer’s. Med Aromat Plants. 2017, 6:2
6.    Doaa A. Ghareeb, Mamdouh S. Masoud, Alaa E. Ali, Hassan A. H. Ibrahim, Nessma M. Nasr. In vitro biological screening for anrimicrobial, DNA cleavage antidiabetic, antioxidants, antiinflammatory and antihaemolytic of some metallocephalosprins. International J. Research Studies in Bioscience. 5 (1), 2017: 1-19   
7.    Nabil M. Taha, Abd El Wahab A. Mandour, Mohamed A. Lebda, Doaa A. Ghareeb, Elkady A.A.  Bovine Paraoxonase-1 Activity in Oxidative Stress.  AJVS. 2016, 51(2): 233-238.
8.    Balbaa, M., Ibrahim, R., Awad, D., Ghareeb, D. A. and Abdel-Monem, N (2016): Study of hepatic tyrosine aminotransferase from Schistosoma-infected mice. Tropical Biomedicine. 2016, 33(3): 632–640 (2016)
9.    Mamdouh S. Masoud, Alaa E. Ali, Doaa A. Ghareeb, Nessma M. Nasr. Spectroscopic behavior and equilibrium studies of some metallocephalosporins. Journal of Molecular Liquids. 224 (2016) 914–929.
10.    Mohamed Abd El Salam, Hattem Mekky, EMB El-Naggar, Doaa Ghareeb, Maha El-Demellawy and Fathy El Fiky. Biological activities of Berberis vulgaris constituents: cytotoxicity, antihepatitis c virus and anti-acetylcholine esterase. Journal of pharmaceutical biology. 6(2), 2016, 89-97
11.     Doaa A. Ghareeb, Eiman H. Elwakeel, Rowaida Khalil, Mina S. Aziz and Maha A. El demellawy. Investigation of the Immunomodulatory effect of Berberis vulgaris on core-pulsed dendritic cell vaccine. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine. 2016, 16:325
12.    Mohammad Ahmad Mahmoud, Doaa Ahmad Ghareeb, Heba Abdelghany Sahyoun, Ashraf Abdelhamed Elshehawy, and Mohammad Mohammad Elsayed. In Vivo Interrelationship between Insulin Resistance and Interferon Gamma Production: Protective and Therapeutic Effect of Berberine. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 2016, Volume 2016,
13.    Mahmoud Balbaa, Marwa El-Zeftawy, Doaa Ghareeb, Nabil Taha, and AbdelWahab Mandour. Nigella sativa Relieves the Altered Insulin Receptor Signaling in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats Fed with a High-Fat Diet. Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity, 2016, 2016, Article ID 2492107,
14.    Mostafa DK, Ismail CA, Ghareeb DA. Differential metformin dose-dependent effects on cognition in rats: role of Akt. Psychopharmacology, 2016, 233(13), 2513-2524
15.    Masoud M, Ali A, Ghareeb D, Nasr N. Synthesis, molecular spectroscopy and thermal analysis of some cefepime complexes. J Molecular Structure. 2016, 1107, 189-201
16.    Ghareeb D, Khalil S, Hafez H, Bajorath J, Ahmed H, Sarhan E, Elwakeel E, El-Demellawy M. Berberine Reduces Neurotoxicity Related to Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis in Rats. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. 2015, 2015.
17.    Aziz M. Ghareeb D, Eweda S, Hussien H. El Demellawy M., Immunomodulatory effect of Berberis vulgaris extracts on murine splenocytes and enrichment of dendritic cells in vitro.  Biotechnology & Biotechnological Equipment, 2015, 29 (6): 1149-1155.
18.    Masoud MS, Ali AE, Ghareeb DA, Nasr NM. Structural, spectral and thermal analysis of some metallocephradines‏. Journal of Molecular Structure, 2015, 1099, 359-372‏
19.    Doaa Ahmad Ghareeb, Mohamed Labib Salem, Nabila El-Desouky, Idrris Hassan Mohamed. Concomitant treatment with beta-glucan and G-CSF ameliorates altered biochemical indices after cyclophosphamide-induced leukopenia in mice. Biotechnology & Biotechnological Equipment, 2015, 29(5):970-976.
20.    Mohamed El-Sadanii,  Mohamed A. Moustafa, Doaa A. Ghareeb, Elsayed Elsayed Hafez, Bassiouny El-Gamal. L-arginine down-regulated tnf-alpha gene in LPS induced inflammation in experimental rats. European journal of pharmaceutical and medical research, 2015,  2 (5), 01-19
21.    M. Abd El-Salam, H.Mekky, E.M.B. El-Naggar, D. Ghareeb, M. El-Demellawy, F. El-Fiky. Hepatoprotective properties and biotransformation of berberine and berberrubine by cell suspension cultures of Dodonaea viscosa and Ocimum basilicum. South African Journal of Botany 97 (2015) 191–195
22.    Ghareeb D, Sarhan E. Role of Oxidative Stress in Male Fertility and Idiopathic Infertility: Causes and Treatment. J Diagn Tech Biomed Anal 2014, 2014, 3:1
23.    El. Sayed M, Ghareeb D, Zahran H, Hassan M. Efficiency of some terrestrial and marine plants for removal of trihalomethanes formed in drinking water decantation process. International Journal of Development. (2014). 3 (2): 111-117.
24.    Abd Elmegeed D, Ghareeb D, Elsayed M, El-Saadani M.  Phytochemical constituents and bioscreening activities of green algae (Ulva Lactuca). International Journal of Agricultural Policy and Research. (2014). .2 (11): 373-378
25.    Doaa A. Ghareeb, Amani M.D. ElAhwany, Sherif M. El-mallawany, Ashraf A. Saif. In vitro screening for anti-acetylcholiesterase, antioxidants, anti-glucosidase, antiinflammatory and antibacterial of three traditional medicinal plants. Biotechnology & Biotechnological Equipment, 2014, 28(6): 1155–1164  
26.    Doaa A. Ghareeb, Fatma H. El-Rashidy, Sherif El-Mallawany. Imbalanced diet- deficient in calcium and vitamin D- induced juvenile osteopenia in rats; the potential therapeutic effect of Egyptian Moghat roots water extract (Glossostemon bruguieri). Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research (2014), 12 (2): 623-634.
27.    Galila Ahmed Yacout, Doaa Ahmad Ghareeb, Shaymaa Ali El-hamshary Mohamed Mohamed El-Sadek.  Biological Effect of Di (p-methylbenzoyl) Diselenide (In-vitro) and Its Acute Hepatotoxicity on Rats (In-vivo). IJPR, (2014), 13 (3): 893-898.
28.    Mamdouh S Masoud, Doaa A Ghareeb, Alaa E Ali, Nessma M Nasr. Effect of some novel metallocefepime on neurotransmitter catalyzing enzyme. Journal of Chemical & Pharmaceutical Research (2014). 6 (7):1-9
29.    Mohamed El. Sayed, Doaa Ahmed Ghareeb, Hoda Farouk Zahran and Marwa Fargon Hassan. 2014. Role of terrestrial plants used in surface water streams treatment on main animal organ functions. Bulletin of the Faculty of Science, Zagazig University. Special Publication for 9th International Conference for Environmental Sciences on "Natural Resources and Sustainable Development. 551- 567. ISSN: 1110- 1555.
30.    Nihad Abdel-Monem, Ahmed M. Abdel-Azeem, E. S. H. El Ashry, Doaa A. Ghareeb, Asmaa Nabil-Adam.  Assessment of Secondary Metabolites from Marine-Derived Fungi as Antioxidant. Open Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2013, 3 (3):60.
31.    Masoud A, Ali A, Ghareeb A, Masr N. Synthesis and characterization of cephradine metal complexes as Alzheimer disease therapeutic agent: An in vitro kinetic study on acetylcholinesterase and monoamine oxidase. Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research, 2013, 5(12):1325-1334.
32.    M. El-Sayed, N. Elguindy, D.Ghareeb, R. Adel, Berberine improves insulin sensitivity and adjusting adiponectin in high-fat diet-fed rats. EFFoST Annual Meeting 2013 (Abstract book, oral presentation).
33.    Fouad N, Ghareeb D, Hafez E, El-Saadani M, El-Sayed M. New anti-aflatoxin marine and terrestrial extracts assessment of their antioxidants, antimicrobial, glycemic and cholinergic properties of new anti-aflatoxin natural extracts. IJRPP, 2013, 2(3): 445-458.
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35.    Abd El –Wahab A, Ghareeb D, Sarhan E, Abu-Serie M, El Demellawy M. In vitro Biological and Therapeutic Effects of Berberis vulgaris and its Active Constituent, Berberine: Antioxidants, cholinergic, anti-diabetic and anticancer effects. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 2013, 13:218
36.    Doaa A. Ghareeb, Abeer E. Abd El-Wahab, Eman E. M. Sarhan, Marwa M. Abu-Serie , Maha A. El Demellawy. Biological assessment of Berberis vulgaris and its active constituent, berberine: Antibacterial, antifungal and anti-hepatitis C virus (HCV) effect.  J Medicinal Plants Research. 2013. 7(21), 1529-1536.
37.    Ghareeb D, Mohamed S, El-Sayed M. The interrelationship between insulin resistance and Alzheimer development. Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering. 2013, 6, 754-773
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39.    El-Mallawany S, Ghareeb D. Calluna vulgaris, ferula hermonis and tribulus terrestris extracts could be used for treatment of alzheimer disease; effect on AChE. Neuro-degenerative  Disease. 2013. 11 S1. Abstract
40.    Hafez H, Ghareeb D, Hussien H, Ahmed H, Abuelsaad A.  Insulin resistance exacerbates impairments in cholinergic system leading to alzheimer´s disease: With emphasis of ipriflavone supplementation as drug therapy. Neuro-degenerative Disease. 2013. 11 S1. Abstract
41.    Nihad Abdel-Monem, Ahmed M. Abdel-Azeem, E. S H El Ashry, Doaa A.Ghareeb, Asmaa Nabil. Pre-treatment Hepatoprotective Effect of the Marine Fungus Derived from Sponge on Hepatic Toxicity Induced by Heavy Metals in Rats. JBB, 2013,2013, ID 510879
42.    Doaa A. Ghareeb, Eiman H. El-Wakeel, Maha A. El-Demellawy, Marwa Abo Sariaa, Mohamed A. Abd El-Salam, Mina Saad, Noha Habachi, Aml Abd El-madied, Hend M. Hussein. Vaccination with HCV NS3/core protein-tansdiced dendritic cells stimulated by berberries extract induces CD4+ cell response to hepatitis C viral antigens. Abstract in 19th international symposium on hepatitis C virus and related viruses. 2012.
43.    Doaa A. Ghareeb, Eiman H. El-Wakeel, Maha A. El-Demellawy, Marwa Abo Sariaa, Mohamed A. Abd El-Salam, Mina Saad, Noha Habachi, Aml Abd El-madied, Hend M. Hussein. In vivo generation of splenic dendritic cell subsets by Berberise vulgaris extract. Abstract book of the 1st Annual meeting of the Middle Eastern association of cancer research. 2011.
44.    Doaa A. Ghareeb, Eiman H. El-Wakeel, Maha A. El-Demellawy, Marwa Abo Sariaa. Berberis vulgaris new extract: A new solution for HCV genotype 4 infection. Abstract book of the 1st Annual meeting of the Middle Eastern association of cancer research. 2011.
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49.    Elbessoumy A, Ghareeb DA, Khalil AA. Toxic effects of monosodium glutamate.  on the hepatic tissue damage of rats and the beneficial role of garlic extract: Involvement of oxidative stress, hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia. J Biochemistry Biotechnology. 2010. 20-25
50.    Ghareeb DA, Al- Newairy SA, El-Rashidy FH, Hussien HM, Ali AN. Efficacy of natural extracts of Ginkgo biloba and berberry and a synthetic derivative of genistein (ipriflavone), as acetylcholinesterase inhibitors, comparative study with Aricept® effect. J Biochemistry Biotechnology. 2010. 5-11.
51.    Ghareeb DA, Hussien, H., Khalil AA, El-Saadani M., Ali A. Toxic effects of lead exposure on the brain of rats: involvement of oxidative stress, inflammation, acetylcholinesterase and the beneficial role of Flaxseed extract. Toxicological & Environmental Chemistry. 2010; 92: 187–195.
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53.    Ghareeb DA, Hussen HM. Vanadium improves brain acetylcholinesterase activity on early stage alloxan-diabetic rats. Neuroscience Letters 2008; 436: 44-47.

Participation in Funded Projects

1.    Attended 68 conference and workshops.
2.    Courses specification writing, reviewing and auditing.
3.     Programs specification writing, reviewing and auditing.
4.    Analytical biochemistry Diploma Program coordinator.
5.    Environmental Science Program auditor.
6.    PI of Nanocomposites of hydroxyapatite with natural product and their interaction with bone cells, STDF, 2016-2018.
7.    PI of Alzheimer treatment, Micro Research Grants for School Students (MRG). CSSP, Bibliotheca Alexandria
8.    Member of student mobility between Programme countries and partner countries Within the Program Erasmus+/KA1 higher education
9.    Co-PI of Comparative molecular evaluation of fungi degraded date pits as a dietary supplement for aflatoxicosis induced in fish and rats animal models, STDF, 2015-2017.
10.    Co-PI pf Novel Nutritional Risk Factors for Obesity, STDF, 2015-2018.
11.     Co-PI of Center of Excellency for Drug Preclinical Studies Preclinical evaluation of novel anti hepatitis C natural and synthetic compounds, STDF, 2013-2015
12.    Co-PI of animal house establishment, STDF, 2013-2014
13.    Principle investigator of In vivo and in vitro molecular characterization of two anti- acetylcholinesterase compounds as amyloid precursor protein translation blocker for Alzheimer treatment., Funded from STDF, November 2012
14.    Principle investigator of Potential molecular therapeutic mechanism of Berberis vulgaris and Ulva lactuca on oxidative stressed and prostatic cancer male infertile experimental animal model, Funded from Alex. University, August 2012.
15.    Principle investigator of Efficient anti-HCV vaccine with protein-transduced dendritic cells, Funded from STDF (2010-2014).
16.    PI of Reactive oxygen species as an independent marker of male factor infertility. In-house fund, MuCSAT (2008-2010)  
17.    Member of Faculty of science Accreditation project (2010-2014)
18.    Consultant in Community and Environmental Services Center in Saint Katherine, South Sinai Regional Development Program 2007.
19.    Participated in the sustainability of the HEEPF lab in Biochemistry Department by organizing and managing training programs (2007-2010)
20.    Participated in designing and establishment of a project entitled "Enhancement of Practical skills of Biochemistry Students" D-080-H0 sponsored by HEEPF (2005-2007).


•    Member of organization team of Alexandria university Environmental Forum (2008-till now)
•    Member of organization team of Abn El-Haithm Competition (2016).
•    Member of organization team of Petroleum and Development Prospects (2016).
•    Member of Occupational Safety and Health faculty of  science committee (2016- till now)
•    Member of crises and disasters management faculty of  science committee (2014-till now)
•    Member of Science and Industry faculty of  science committee (2013-till now)
•    Member of training office committee of faculty of science (2013-2016)
•    Member of organization team of faculty of science graduation day (2008-till now)  
•    Member of organization team of the festival Scout of science faculties Rangers team at Egyptian universities (2015-till now)
•    Assistant director of the Faculty of science Quality Assurance Unit (2016-)
•    Member of Selection committee of ideal faculty student (2012-till now).
•    Member of Directors board of Staff club and Manger of Sports Committee (2015).
•    Member of University internationalization office (2014-till now)
•    Manger of Project and Scientific Innovation office (2014—till now)
•    Organizer of the clean-up campaign (we love Alexandria), Faculty of Science
•    Juncture researcher at SRTA-city (10/2013- till now)
•    Work on therapeutic effects of natural product in various types of human cancer for two month (December 2012- January 2013) at Pacific Center Research Institute in San Francisco.
•    Coordinator of faculty of science student conference (2011-till now).
•    Member of organization team of faculty of science class graduation ceremony (2011-till now)
•    Member of Organization team of Students' creative XIV "The role of Arab universities in the face of contemporary challenges"
•    Member of founder of Bealmena Neamerha Campaign
•    Organizer of the clean-up campaign, Faculty of Science
•    Head of Committee questionnaires for the Quality Assurance Unit (2012-2017).
•    Member in the Quality Assurance Unit (2010-2016).
•    Faculty coordinator of Social services and environmental development domain.
•    Workshops Coordinator at Department of Biochemistry.
•    Juncture researcher at SART- Science (14/1/2008-till now)
•    Member of the Editorial Committee of environmental day booklet of Alexandria University.
•    Editorial Board Members of Pakistan Science Mission (2016-)
•    Peer reviewer of the Editorial board of Neural Regeneration Research,
•    Peer reviewer of several journals; Chemico-Biological Interactions, Merit research journal of medicine and medical sciences, Cardiology and Angiology: An International Journal, Journal of Taibah University for Science.


•    International Travel Grant to the AACC Annual Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo, 2016
•    Alexandria University Award for of Scientific Encouragement, 2014.
•    Alexandria University Award for Enhancement of Scientific Publishing, 2013.
•    Alexandria University Award for Enhancement of Scientific Publishing, 2012.
•    Alexandria university award for environmental day (2009).
•    Alexandria University Award for Enhancement of Scientific Publishing, 2008.
•    Valedictorian student Award, Biochemistry Department, Faculty of Science (1998).
•    Dr Olfet Mohye El-Din award for Valedictorian student of Biochemistry Department (1997.
•    Faculty Award for Academic Excellence for the graduates of high schools.