Department of Biological and Diagnostic Sciences

Chairperson: Prof. Azza El Badry

The department comprises three divisions: Oral Biology, Oral Diagnosis and Radiology, Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology. The primary goals of the department are excellence in education and patient care. These divisions share many common interests with their medical counterparts.

Division of Oral Biology
Director, Prof. Azza El Badry
The courses in this division covers the relevant orofacial embryology, different stages of odontogenesis details of tooth structure and its supporting tissues as well as oral tissues and adjoining structures on microscopic level. Tooth eruption and shedding are also covered.
Division of Oral Diagnosis and Radiology
Director, Assoc. Prof. Nayer Abo Elsaad
The division provides the students with the basic steps involved in the process of diagnosis. It focuses on comprehensive extraoral and intraoral examination and categorize the oral diseases in the diagnostic process. The students also demonstrate an ability to rationally and decisively formulate diagnosis and treatment plan. It also provides students with the knowledge necessary for performing, practicing different intraoral conventional and digital radiographic techniques, processing and interpreting dental x-ray films.
Division of Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology
Director, Assoc. Prof. Nayer Abo Elsaad
The division covers the fundamental basis of oral medicine and oral pathology through the study of causes, signs and symptoms effects and diagnosis of oral diseases whether of local or systemic origin. Acquire the knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes necessary to prevent, diagnose clinically and microscopically common oral and dental diseases. It is also concerned with management of oral lesions, medically compromised patients as well as medical and dental emergencies.