PHBS 224   Research and Evidence Based Dentistry

Cr: 2  (2 Lec.)  Prerequisite None

This course introduces students to the principles of Evidence Based Dentistry, focusing on the first three steps (Ask, Acquire and Appraise). The course is a mixture of lectures where instructor(s) explain the principles and discussion where students receive feedback on exercises to formulate PICO questions, search for primary/ secondary evidence and appraise observational studies and clinical trials. Students are assessed through a mixture of written tests and graded assignments. Students in small groups analyze scientific literature and learn about general patterns of clinical judgment, clinical thinking, decision making, and application of scientific evidence into every day practice.
The course introduces the concept and techniques of biostatistics used in dental research and referred to in dental literature. It also presents an overview of the research methodology and basics of statistical methods in analysis and interpretation of oral health research. The course emphasis on understanding of the importance of sampling, collection, describing and interpreting of data. Examples from current basic science research, survey research, and clinical trials augment the presentation of statistical theory.