OSRG 522   Oral Surgery and Implantology

Cr: 3  (2 Lec., 2 Pract.)   Prerequisite OSRG 521

The course aims to educate the students in the initial management of patients with facial trauma. Also, familiarize them with the reconstruction modalities of the jaw. It will provide a general idea about the different causes of facial pain and its possible treatment. This course will familiarize the students with the diagnosis and techniques of managing facial trauma cases. The principles of correction of dentofacial deformities will be provided, as well as the management of patients with orofacial clefts. Finally, this course will provide an overview of dental implantology, where the students will be able to explore the history and evolution of different dental implant types. This will open the student’s mind up to implant dentistry as a treatment modality. There will be a brief introduction to the basics of diagnosis and treatment planning of implant cases.