ANAT 222 Head and Neck Anatomy

Cr: 3 (2 Lec., 2 Pract.) Prerequisite ANAT 221

Provides a comprehensive detailed study to the head and neck including: Scalp, face, cranial cavity, orbit, parotid, temporal, infra-temporal, TMJ, pterygo-palatine fossa, submandibular region, mouth cavity, palate, tongue, nasal cavity, para-nasal sinuses, eyeball, ear and facial nerve and development of face, palate, tongue, salivary, pituitary and thyroid glands as well as nose. In addition, it includes cervical vertebrae, posterior triangle, anterior triangle, thyroid gland, jugular, carotid, subclavian vessels, last 4 cranial nerves, cervical plexus, sympathetic trunk, cervical fascia, facial spaces, neck lymph nodes, pharynx and larynx.