This page provides a comprehensive list with descriptions of the support services offered by BAU to students, staff, and visitors. For more information, scroll through the specific services to find out more.

Academic Development & Quality Assurance Center

Providing support in academic development and quality assurance activities, teaching and learning process, student engagement, and academic staff.

Consultation Center

Offering consultancy and quality control services to the society.

Continuing & Professional Education Center

Offering high quality life-long learning programs that meet the demands of professionals and students irrespective of age, gender or qualifications.

Entrepreneurship Center

Promoting the culture of Entrepreneurship through identifying the individuals with entrepreneurial potential, providing them with a lot of relevant input, expanding their repertoires, and equipping them with skills relevant to entrepreneurship.

Human Rights Center

Assisting students and accordingly their communities to a better understanding of their rights through raising awareness in the course of formal and non-formal methods thus complementing their education all through university years and years after.

Language Center

Offering quality intensive English language courses in a professional environment.

Media Center

Looks forward to invest in its students the challenges of the new Media through becoming a part in the big evolution in the fields of Technology and Globalization.

Research for Environment & Development Center

Platform to address aspects and tackle problems of the environment and contribute to the appropriate management of natural resources and sustainable development of the country.