Continuing Education Program is found to meet the lifelong learning and training needs of learners in the local community both in Lebanon and the Arab world. Continuing Education Program offers a variety of standard and customized International certificate programs, Short courses, and workshops in Lebanon. Continuing Education Program aims to enhancing professional and technical skills while addressing the needs for personal development and cultural enrichment.

The objective of the Continuing Education Program is to create a link between the university and society at large, and employ the University expertise in the service of the different social sectors.

The Continuing Education Program provides a range of regular training courses in various specialties especially in basic sciences, medicine, pharmacy and engineering. These courses are designed for graduates and organizations and aim to update knowledge and skills.

Scope of Materials at Center for Consultations at BAU

  • Soil and Geosynthetis, Cement and binders, Water
  • Aggregate, Concrete, Rock, Asphalt binder, Fibers
  • By-products, Non metallic materials, Metallic materials
  • Tiles, Bricks, Additives, and Timber
  • Petroleum, Gasoline
  • Food products