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The Center for Consultations and Studies CCS at BAU was established in 1998 to create a link between the university and all sectors within the Lebanese community. The center deploys the resources and capabilities available at BAU and offers consultancy and quality control services as well as specialized professional training programs specific to the needs of organizations and institutions. The center for consultation is specialized in the following areas:

- Laboratory Testing and Experimentation.
- Technical and Academic Consultations.
- Specialized professional training programs

Consultations and Technical Testing

Center for Consultations and Studies CCS is a recognized leader in international consulting and technical testing. Our teams are at work in countries across the Middle East, Arabic gulf & Africa. The center maintains a large group of multi-disciplinary experts from the BAU who have years of experience in consultancy and technical assistance. Our areas of Consulting and Technical Assistance are:

1. Architecture & Urban Planning
2. Engineering Consultation and Services
3. Consultation & Environmental Research
4. Pharmaceutical Services
5. Administrative Development & Feasibility Studies
6. Arbitration & Legal Counseling

Architecture & Urban Planning

The Consultation & Research Services unit includes:
1. Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) reports in accordance with Lebanese Environmental Legislation.
2. Conducting Master and Detailed planning studies and guidelines for the General Directorate of Urban planning.
3. Consultancy services for the Lebanese local Municipalities.
4. Subdividing, Development and Planning Consultancy services for private and public Lebanese  organizations.
5. Providing training courses for private organizations and individual project crews as a part of career development in the following fields:
   a- Geographical Information Systems (GIS).
   b- Managing local and municipal projects.
   c- Building capacity for urban management.
6. Consultancy services to the Lebanese Ministry of Environment.
7. Undertaking Architectural and Execution design assignments for public and private sectors.
8. Preparation of Architectural reports and technical review documents for public and private sectors.

Engineering Consultation and Services

1. Consultation and Research services including:
- Planning and designing of all civil work related to Structures, Highways, airports and Harbors, Water purification stations, and surveying works by GPS technology.
- Designing all electrical engineering work including medium and high efficiency networks as well as lightening, preventive systems and building electrical supply systems.
- Designing of acoustic systems and systems based on microwave treatment as well as design of allocation of video
Programming, computerizing, design and maintenance of wired and wireless computer networks.

2. Quality Control / Laboratory Analysis services including:
- Soil, foundations and road testing;
- Quality testing of materials;
- Chemical analysis of concrete.

3. Training Courses:
- Training courses in all civil engineering disciplines.
- Training and practical courses in mechanical engineering.
- Advanced training courses in computers and software programming.

Consultation & Environmental Research

1. Scientific & Technical Consultations services including:
Coastal Zone Management, Marine Pollution and Fish Resources, Environmental Impact Assessment, Raw Materials for cement and Ceramics, Natural and Environmental Resources, Natural Resources for Construction Materials.

2. Quality Testing and laboratory Analysis services including:
• Water and Soil Analysis
• Organic Material
• Petroleum Analysis
• Food Analysis.

3. Training Courses in:                                                                                                        
Corrosion, Water and Soil analyses, Effects on Radiation (especially Radon) on the environment; Marine Pollution; Health Physics; Air Pollution, Raw Materials for Cement and Ceramics, petroleum pollution, Natural Products and Natural Medicine, and various Analytical techniques.

Medical & Pharmaceutical Services

The Medical and Pharmaceutical Services division provides a range of advanced theoretical and practical training courses in many areas including:
- The Application of Ultrasonic Waves and Different endoscopies for Diagnosis and Treatment, Family Medicine, Occupational Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Dealing with Patients, Preparing Healthy Meals, Alternative Medicine, Optimal Health, Family and Contraception, Provision of Medical Advice via Telephone, Tourism Health, Forensic Medicine, Pharmaceutical Science, Pharmaceutical Marketing, Pharmacology, Pharmacy Management, and Dental Implantology, First Aid in War crisis and Car accidents, New approach for Newborn and infants resuscitation, Nursing care for Burned Patient, Pre-operative care and Nursing role in infection Control.
Administrative Development & Feasibility Studies

The faculty of Arts offers the following services:

Languages Training Courses in: English, Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian. General and Specialized Translation Training Courses in: English, French and Arabic.
Media services including: Media Consultation and Scenario Writing workshops, Design and Feasibility Studies for Media Laboratories.
Social services including: Social Research and Surveys for Industrial & Commercial Projects, Training Programs and Consultations to Resolve Social Problems.
Information Management Services Including: Consultations and Feasibility Studies Services in the Information Management Field.

Arbitration & Legal Counseling:

The Arbitration and Legal Counseling Division activity is confined to three specific areas:
1- Dispute Resolution services whereby settlement of private disputes is provided through arbitration and reconciliation.
2- Arbitrators Preparation through programs and training courses in arbitration cases for both defense counsel and arbitrators in arbitration cases.
3- Legal Consultations services including: legal advice, drafting and reviewing of contracts as well as the preparation of statement of claims and of defense.

Lab Tests:

The Center for Consultation at BAU were established to provide a highly qualified study, consulting, and testing services related to different disciplines.
Scope of Fields at BAU-CC
• HPLC, GCMS, UV, NMR, IR Laboratory technology
• Water and food products analysis
• Building structures, Highway and roads, Bridges
• Steel structures, Soil and foundations, Marine structures
• Tunnels, Railroads, Airports, and Dams
Scope of Materials at BAU-CC
• Soil and Geosynthetis, Cement and binders, Water
• Aggregate, Concrete, Rock, Asphalt binder, Fibers
• By-products, Non metallic materials, Metallic materials
• Tiles, Bricks, Additives, and Timber
• Petroleum, Gasoline
• Food products

Continuing Education Programs:

Continuing Education Program (CEP) is found to meet the lifelong learning and training needs of learners in the local community both in Lebanon and the Arab world. CEP offers a variety of standard and customized International certificate programs, Short courses, and workshops in Lebanon. CEP aims to enhancing professional and technical skills while addressing the needs for personal development and cultural enrichment.
The objective of the CEP is to create a link between the university and society at large, and employ the University expertise in the service of the different social sectors.
The CEP provides a range of regular training courses in various specialties especially in basic sciences, medicine, pharmacy and engineering. These courses are designed for graduates and organizations and aim to update knowledge and skills.


The Center for Consultations and Studies CCS at BAU was established in 1998 to create a link between BAU and all sectors within the Lebanese community through providing technical for the benefit of both. The center deploys the resources and capabilities available at BAU and offers research, consultancy and testing services as well as training programs specific to the needs of organizations and institutions.
Since its inception in 1998 CCS has extended the resources of BAU Faculties into the community.  Over the years, CCS has provided high quality educational opportunities and enhanced the professional qualifications of thousands of learners.  

Our People:

Chair of the Board: Prof. Amr Galal El Adawi, President of BAU
Executive manager: Prof. Abdalla El Lakany, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy
Administrator: Mr. Mohamed Hafez

- Prof. Amr El Adawi, President of BAU
- Prof. Khaled Bagdadi, Vice President for Tripoli branch Affairs
- Prof. Essam Osman: Vice-President for Medical Sciences
- Dr. Omar Houri: Secretary General of BAU
- Dr. Mohammad Jazaerly
- Dr. Ayman Houri
- Prof. Maysaa Al Nayyal: Dean Faculty of Arts
- Prof. Mohamad Kassem: Dean Faculty of Law
- Prof. Nihal Moustafa: Dean/Faculty of Business
- Prof. Ibtihal El Bastawissi: Dean/Faculty of Architectural Engineering
- Prof. Adel Al Kurdi: Dean/Faculty of Engineering
- Prof. Rajaa Fakhoury: Dean/Faculty of Science
- Prof Abdalla El Lakany: Dean/Faculty of Pharmacy (Executive manager)
- Prof. Najlaa Meshal: Dean/Faculty of Medicine
- Prof. Mostafa Morad: Dean/Faculty of Health Science
- Mr. Nabil Khalife
- Mrs. Zeina Ariss

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