Artistic Clubs

Since BAU values and nurtures talent, we have put forward the opportunity for our students to join any of three Artistic Clubs. Whether you are dazzled by the lights of the theater, the graceful movements of a dancer, or the harmonic sounds of the symphony, Artistic Clubs are the best choice for you.

Drama Club

Do you feel like you can convince anyone by acting? Are you confident enough to look crazy on a stage? BAU’s Drama Club is your chance to shine on stage and show your best. When you join this club, you’ll be able to participate in local and Arab festivals. You’ll also get to meet a variety of local and Arab actors and actresses.

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Dance Club

If you get excited by the rhythmic movements of dancers on a stage, then this is the right club for you. Our dance club will teach you two main kinds of dances, modern dance and folk dance. You’ll also be exposed to other forms of dance like oriental dancing. You’ll get the chance to perform on stage in front of an audience at BAU and outside in competitions and international events.

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Music Club

Have you always aspired to become a member of a band or choir? Do your friends tell you that you have an amazing voice? If you are that person, then BAU’s Student Activities invites you to join the Music Club. You will get to perform live in front of audiences from BAU and outside. You’ll regularly practice with others who share your interests; and you will be exposed to chances beyond your imagination.

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