Business Communications

BUSN 203 – Business Communications

Basic Information

Course Title:                                      Business Communications
Code:                                                 BUSN 203
Hours:                                                Lecture: 2        Credit: 2         
Prerequisite(s):                                   None
Academic Year / Level:                     Year: 1            Term: 1           

1-Course Description and Overall Objectives:

This course provides Business undergraduates with a conceptual framework and specific tools for communicating in complex environments and accomplishing strategic academic and professional business goals.  This core course provides writing, oral, and collaborative skills necessary for future business courses, internships, and professional positions.

Course Objectives:

A. Analyze communication situations and audiences to make choices about the most effective and efficient way to communicate and deliver messages

B. Conduct research that includes the use of electronic library resources and the Internet; use the results of that research to complete written and oral reports

C. Deliver effective business presentations in contexts that may require either extemporaneous or impromptu oral presentations

D. Provide feedback, accept feedback, and use feedback to improve communication skills

E. Write business documents that are grammatically correct and use appropriate business style

F. Develop effective interpersonal communication skills

G. Use communication technology appropriately and effectively

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