Business Club

Business Club is a Win-Win interactive, team-oriented group that aims to familiarize Faculty of Business Administration students with the real and practical corporate world outside the class rooms.


  1. To familiarize BAU business students with the business world both locally and internationally
  2. To develop their business skills; prepare them to work field; fill the gap between the study concepts and the work requirement (etc.)
  3. To generate awareness about social responsibilities and social-business activities
  4. To form business groups
  5. To motivate students through regular activities


We aspire and look forward to help students bridge the gap between the academic and professional world through:
  1. Inviting Successful executives from different fields of expertise (samples of excellence)
  2. Organizing comprehensive workshops
  3. Organizing mock interviews
  4. Organizing alumni panels
  5. Gathering case studies and events
  6. Providing new student orientation


  1. Organizing training sessions
  2. Hosting external experts in different business fields.
  3. Involving the university in the club’s activities.
  4. Encouraging students to participate in projects outside the university in forums/ in schools/ in different institutions.
  5. Linking the club in the social network (Facebook, Instagram.)(etc.)

Events for Academic Year 2014/2015

Events for Academic Year 2015/2016