Business Club

Business Club is a Win-Win interactive, team-oriented group that aims to familiarize Faculty of Business Administration students with the real and practical corporate world outside the class rooms.


  1. To familiarize BAU business students with the business world both locally and internationally
  2. To develop their business skills; prepare them to work field; fill the gap between the study concepts and the work requirement (etc.)
  3. To generate awareness about social responsibilities and social-business activities
  4. To form business groups
  5. To motivate students through regular activities


We aspire and look forward to help students bridge the gap between the academic and professional world through:
  1. Inviting Successful executives from different fields of expertise (samples of excellence)
  2. Organizing comprehensive workshops
  3. Organizing mock interviews
  4. Organizing alumni panels
  5. Gathering case studies and events
  6. Providing new student orientation


  1. Organizing training sessions
  2. Hosting external experts in different business fields.
  3. Involving the university in the club’s activities.
  4. Encouraging students to participate in projects outside the university in forums/ in schools/ in different institutions.
  5. Linking the club in the social network (Facebook, Instagram.)(etc.)

Events for Academic Year 2014/2015

The faculty of business administration announces the inauguration of the business club. Students who have finished 50 Credits and wish to join this academic creative group need to pass by : Dr Rasha Mahboub , Dr Hanadi Taher and Dr Mohamad Balouza
Meet the Experts Mr Abdul hafiz Mansour Secretary of SIC (special investigation committee) & MENA regional representative for the egmont group & Mr Elie Abboud president of lebanese association of certified public accountants (LACPA)
BAU Business club announces its first fall 2014 event & invites you to meet Mr Nassib I. Ghobril the chief economist and head of the economic research & analysis department at the byblos bank group.

Events for Academic Year 2015/2016

BAU Business Club announces its fourth event for the academic year 2015-2016 challenges facing graduates by Mr Mohamad Mostafa Azakir Cluster Human Resources Director Phoenicia & Le Vendome Hotels.
Date : Thursday march 10 2016
Time : 11 AM
Place : Ali Rached Hall
BAU Announces its third event for the academic year 2015-16 Rana Jammoul inspirational coach president of the lebanese coach association (LCA) member of the international coach federation (ICF)
Date : Wednesday march 2nd, 2016 at 12 PM
Place : Main Building, Room Nb: 437
BAU Business Club Announces its First Event for the academic year 2015-16
The arab banking sector: challenges & opportunities
Mr Wissam Fattouh general secretary of the union of arab banks
Date : Tuesday nov 10th 2015 at 4PM
Place : Ali Rached Hall
FBA business club invites you to meet coach Ahmad El Farran (Al Riyadi Club) & captain Sami El Shoum (Ansar Football Club)
date : Friday 30/10/2015
Time : 2PM
Place : Ali Rached Hall

Events for Academic Year 2016/2017

With Mr.Jamal Sakakini Branch Manager of Bank-Med.
date : December 06/12/2016
Time : 11:30AM
Place : Main Building - Room 352
Mrs.Asmahan Zein President of the Lebanese League for Women in Business.
date : April 03/04/2017
Time : 11AM
Place : Ali Rached Hall
Take Action by Respecting your Elders.
date : March 07/03/2017
Time : 11AM
Place : Dar Al-Ajaza

Events for Academic Year 2017/2018

Business club invites you to Financial Literacy Training
date : October 20/10/2017
Time : 10AM
Place : Main Building
Business club invites you to Municipal Work with Mrs Hoda Kaskas President of Beirutiyat NGO
date : Friday 21/11/2017
Time : 11AM
Place : Ali Rached Hall
Business club invites you to meet expert Goldsmiths & Jewelers
date : Friday 03/11/2017
Time : 1PM
Place : Ali Rached Hall
Business club invites you to Financial Literacy Training
date : November 22/11/2017
Time : 10AM
Place : Main Building