Bank Management

BFIN 404 – Bank Management

Basic Information

Course Title:                                      Bank Management
Code:                                                 BFIN 404
Hours:                                                Lecture: 3        Credit Hours: 3          
Prerequisite(s):                                  BFIN 302
Academic Year / Level:                    Year: 3            Term: 2

1-Course Description and Overall Objectives:

This course studies the management of financial institutions including Commercial Banks, thrift institutions, insurance companies, pension fund and others. Topic include the impact of public policies and regulations, profitability, liquidity management ,investment and loan management, asset/liability management, industry and market structure, holding companies, and mergers. A bank simulation game is used to help students see the “big picture” of managing a financial institution.

Course Objectives:

A.  Provide students with basic knowledge and understanding of the main functions of Commercial Bank Management. Such course helps students to understand how to solve and analyze all kinds of financial crises in banking worldwide.

B. Provide students with a basic introduction to commercial Bank Management.

C. Understanding the nature of banking operations systems.

D. Encourage students to analyze most financial crisis in banking systems.

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