Assis Prof.Ahmed Maarouf

Assis Prof.Ahmed Maarouf
Faculty: Medicine Department: Clinical Sciences Position: Associate Prof.of SurgeryOffice Number: 322Phone: 01300110Ext: 2378E-mail:


Assistant Professor Ahmed Mohamed Maarouf, Professor of General Surgery, Beirut Arab University since September 2015; M.D General Surgery 2013, Cairo University, Egypt in association with Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University, France. He was trained in many hospitals  in Cairo, Egypt, then in Lyon and Paris, France. He was rewarded three French University Diplomas in Hepatobiliopancreatic Surgery and Laparoscopic Surgery. He represented the Surgical Department of Edouard Herriot University Hospital (Lyon, France) in several French and International Congresses from 2005 till 2009 . In 2015, he moved to Beirut Arab University, Beirut, Lebanon where he worked as Professor of General Surgery. (Assistant Prof Ahmad Maarouf CV)


Teaching Surgery course 2015/2016
First Aid Courses in lower house company - 6th october city- Egypt (2010-2013)

2015-16 courses

SURG402 Surgery

2016-17 courses

FAll 2016/2017:
SURG402 Surgery

Spring 2016/2017:
SURG402 Surgery


- National report about (Tumeurs intracanalaires papillaires et mucineuses du pancreas) of the  “117eme Congres Francais de Chirurgie” (30/09/2015- 2/10/2015)

- MD thesis under collaborate egyptian / french supervision. Subject: Role of laparoscopy in management of hepatic focal lesions. (2010)

- A Maarouf, M Adham, JY Scoazec, C Partensky : Mixed hepato/cholangiocarcinoma with paraneoplastic hypercalcemia. Journal of hepato-biliary-pancreatic surgery 2008;15(2):   224-7.

- A Maarouf, JY Scoazec, F Berger, C Partensky: Cystic leiomyosarcoma of the pancreas successfully treated by spleno-pancreatectomy: A 20-Year Follow-Up. Pancreas. July 2007 - Volume 35 - Issue 1 - pp 95-98
- Master thesis. Subject: Management of pancreatic stump after proximal pancreaticoduodenectomy. (November 2001)



Workshop Attended
Assistant job in General and digestive surgery, Clinique Alleray-Labrouste, Paris, France, 2014-2015
Hospital training in Hepatobiliopancreatic surgery department, Edouard Herriot hospital, Lyon, France. 2013-2014
Hospital training in digestive surgery and liver transplantation unit, Edouard Herriot hospital, Lyon, France. 2005-2009
Gastro-intestinal anastomoses and Vascular anastomoses, experimental training course : Experimental surgery department, TBRI, Cairo. (2000)
Teaching with Technology, 2011 at the Faculty and Leadership Development Center, Alexandria University

- Member of the ''Association Francaise de chirurgie'' (AFC) since 2007

- Member of the Egyptian surgical society (ESS).

- The future of PBL and Virtual patient learning (25/08/2015), Beirut Arab University

- Training course for the development of the teaching staff skills  ( 2 -3/10/2015), Beirut Arab University