Historical Background

The Faculty of Architectural Engineering was founded in 1962 as the fourth faculty at the Beirut Arab University (BAU). According to many changing variables, new fields of architecture have been developed globally releasing multiple design approaches, in order to cover these new approaches, the Faculty has lately renewed its name to be the Faculty of Architecture - Design and built environment in spring 2016/2017. Since commencement, it has played a key role in addressing and serving the needs of students from Lebanon and the entire Middle East. The faculty started with 36 students in 1962 prospering to a total of 557 students in Fall 2016/2017, at various levels of the curriculum.

The faculty was initially located at the main building in Beirut campus; however, in 1987 in order to accommodate the increasing number of enrolled students and various facilities, it moved to the now labelled "Hariri Building" and occupied the top four floors. It remained there until October 2006 when it became the first BAU faculty to reside in the newly established Debbieh campus in the Shouf District in line with the University's expansion plans. The faculty constantly updates its programs and their associated structure ranging from the extended academic year system to the two academic terms scheme in 1993.

In 2005, the faculty implemented the credit hour system thereby offering students a more adaptable and responsive program spreading over a ten-semester period (minimum). In June 2012, the 5 year Bachelor program in Architectural Engineering has been awarded unconditional validation for RIBA Part 1. During the academic Year 2013/2014, the program structure has been revised and re-organized aiming that Part 1 to be met on completion of 4 years (140 credits taken over 8 semesters) and Part 2 after the completion of 2 additional years (58 credits taken over 4 semesters).

Accordingly, the offered degrees are the Bachelor of Architectural Engineering by the completion of 170 credits taken over 10 semesters, and a newly launched Master degree in Architecture (MArch.) offered by the completion of 28 credits taken over 2 additional semesters. This restructuring started to be applied from Fall 2014/2015. On 3 February 2016 the RIBA Education Committee confirmed that the Beirut Arab University - Master of Architectural Engineering (part 2) has been awarded candidate course status at RIBA Part 2. The next full board visit will also allow consideration of the faculty's intention to reposition the RIBA part 1 threshold at the end of year 4 of the Bachelor of Architecture (BArch).

On the other hand, the Tripoli campus is located in Basateen Al Mena area next to the Olympic Stadium. It is 88 Km far from BAU Campus in Beirut. It has a land area of 15,540 m2 and is distinguished by its view overlooking the sea with a frontage of 185 m long. BAU launched its new Tripoli campus in 2010. The total built up area is 40,000 m2 including six blocks connected with a continuous bridge to facilitate the circulation between buildings. An underground parking and other facilities cover the lot to serve students and faculty members.