Dr. Samer Sayary

Dr. Samer Sayary
Faculty: Architecture - Design and Built EnvironmentPosition: Assistant ProfessorOffice Number: F107 Bldg: A1Phone: 961 7 985 858Ext: 3236E-mail: s.sayary@bau.edu.lb


Samer El Sayary is a practicing architect and Assistant professor in Beirut Arab university since 2014 and previously in Alexandria University since 2011. He pushes the boundaries of experimental design to discover new realms in architectural design without forgetting the aroma of his Mediterranean roots, his design manifesto could be summarized as to dig deep in the knowledge and science accumulated through thousands of years in our region to capture hidden values and intangible strengths of our legacy, then develop those values and strengths using cutting edge technologies to create a state or art architecture that carries the spirit of the past, not in its shape or form, but in its core essence and finally learn future generation how to use technology to develop their Heritage. In general he has been awarded 23 times in both national and international architectural competitions till the year 2016, He was the first Architect who received the prestigious Hassan Fathy Award twice in 2011 & 2013. His works are recognized and published widely in many local and international media appearances.

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Teaching Experience

  • Before joining BAU, Dr Samer El Sayary taught:
  • Final year Graduation Housing sector projects.
  • Tutoring Final year Building technology projects.
  • Tutoring design fundamentals for First year Interior design studio.
  • Lecturing & teaching History of Ancient Architecture.
  • Lecturing & teaching History of Islamic Architecture.
  • Lecturing & teaching Architectural visualization using Autodesk 3dsmax 2014
  • Lecturing & teaching Theories of Architecture for First year students
  • Lecturing parametric deign and digital fabrication for Post-graduates students
  • Tutoring Postgraduate student’s urban sustainable design.
  • Lecturing & teaching urban landscaping for second year students


Research Interests:

   In general I can describe my research timeline as an interconnected phases of research that integrates though I divided them chronologically to show my research interest through years but they are an open work in progress that continues to shape my career philosophy and teaching style. 
• My research is not only the result of time spent in a closed room, It is rather a career that was developed through years of experimentation and practice and was crowned by 23 prize and award during the last 15 year 
1. Parametric Design and digital Fabrication 
2. Designing Virtual environments 
3. Building Information Modeling 
4. Architectural education and pedagogic strategies

Mohsen H., & Sayary, s. 2015. “Achieving sustainable adaptive reuse in architectural design studio using environmental simulation”., 10th world congress on engineering education, “sustainability in engineering education”, November 29 – 30, 2015, Beirut, Lebanon, ISBN –978-9953-0-3397-6

Sayary, s. & Mohsen H., Mantash L., 2015.”Re-thinking bloom's taxonomy by integrating digital simulation in pragmatic architectural education”., Rae 2016, first international conference on architectural education, march 9-11, Debbie main road, BAU, Lebanon.


•   Committee on education in engineering, 10th World Congress on Engineering Education, “Sustainability in Engineering Education”, November 29 – 30, 2015
•   RAE 2016, First International Conference on Architectural Education, March 9-11, Debbieh main road, BAU, Lebanon.


  • Monthly Articles written in Arabic for the BIM Arabia (most recent topics include: Introduction to Dynamo, Bridging the gap between BIM and parametric design)
  • Training professional workshops in the CCPE




  • Farsy Award
  • Department of Architecture, Alexandria University, 1997
  • Medina first prize
  • Furniture design competition, Medina Architectural magazine, 2000
  • Medina first prize
  • Smart village ideas competition, Medina Architectural magazine, 2001
  • AUS honorary prize
  • International Architecture Student Competition on “Architecture and the Sustainability Challenge”, American university in Sharjah,2001
  • Tasmeem magazine second prize
  • Mobile library unit, Tasmeem Architectural magazine, 2002
  • Ain Shams University honorary prize
  • Future architecture 2100, Ain shams University, 2005
  • Cairo University honourable mention
  • Ideal Egyptian House, Cairo University, 2005
  • Al Benna Al Araby second prize
  • Enhancing the Urban life of the Maxx area, Al Benna Al Araby Architectural magazine, 2006
  • DesignBoom, Shortlisted Mention
  • Urban Enhancement center award
  • Aesthetical solutions for Egypt's facades, Urban Enhancement center with collaboration with Al Beet magazine, 2007


  • Image of the month
  • AOM (artist of the month)
  • Lazurdi Gold design award
  • Nominated from Best 100 Gold designers in middle east, Gold world council with Hammer group, 2008
  • Magaz honorable mention
  • Future school competition, Magaz magazine competition,2009
  • DesignBoom, Shortlisted Mention
  • FABLAB Cairo honourable award
  • Fanoos Ramadan industrial design competition, FabLab Cairo 2012
  • Hassan Fathy 2011 Architecture Award
  • Honorable award, Bibliotheca Alexandrina Award, (Juried by Aghakhan chairman) 2012
  • Medibat Scientific award
  • Medibat Scientific forum,Sfax, Tunisia, 2013
  • Outer space architecture honourable award
  • Moon Capital Habitat, Architectural Revolution, 2013


  • ArcBazar Honourable prize
  • Arizona House retreat, Arcbazar, 2011
  • ArcBazar Honourable prize
  • Newyork Clinic design, Arcbazar, 2013
  • Hassan Fathy award 2013 Interior design Awards
  • Honorable award, Bibliotheca Alexandrina Award, (Juried by Aghakhan chairman) 2013
  • EcoHouse First prize Competition
  • Arab Academy of science and technology, 2014
  • Egypt Building Show Expo, Cairo2015
  • Nominated to be one of the top Egyptian architects, June 2015
  • (Agence des Ville et Territoires Méditerranéens Durables (AViTeM))
  • Nominated and Selected to be showcased in Marseille, France in Medcop21 2015 Conference, June 2015
  • Hope and work olympics third prize competition
  • Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers 2015.