Dr. Hiba Mohsen

Dr. Hiba Mohsen
Faculty: Architecture - Design and Built EnvironmentPosition: Assistant ProfessorOffice Number: F111 Bldg: A1Phone: 961 7 985 858Ext: 3231E-mail: h.mohsen@bau.edu.lb


   Hiba  Mohsen is  a  senior  lecturer  at  Beirut  Arab  University  -  Faculty  of Architectural Engineering where she graduated in 2001 with distinction. She received her Master degree in Architecture and Urban Design from BAU in 2009. She is currently enrolled in the PHD program of Urban Design and Planning. Along with her academic experience, Mohsen has been practicing architecture for thirteen years. She worked as a Project Architect at JAZAIRI Consulting Office, Architects and Planners from 2001 until 2014.   She participated in developing design concepts, prepared execution drawings, tender documents and site follow up of various faculties and other facilities at BAU’s campuses. She also worked in appraising and compiling clients’ brief, preparing concept design, detailed drawings on a wide range of projects locally and internationally.

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Before joining the full time academic staff at BAU, Hiba Mohsen was an assistant teacher at BAU supporting in the Architectural and Urban Design studios. Since 2014, she has taught different courses at the faculty of Architectural Engineering: Environmental    Design,    Environmental    Impact    Assessment,    Urban    Design, Architectural Design I, Building Construction, Landscape Architecture, Architecture and Environment.


Research Interests:

     * Her research interests focus on environmental design and the impact of built environmental on the microclimate. She is responsible for the development of the Environmental Laboratory in the faculty including simulation and monitoring tools for Buildings and Indoor Environment. She is also interested

in the latest program for urban modelling. Her PHD dissertation is entitled "Developing Correlations between Urban Morphology, Urban Climate and Outdoor Thermal Comfort: A strategy for optimising the pedestrian urban environment in Beirut".



     * Participated as a main author to the 10th World Congress on Engineering

Education - Beirut, 29-30 October 2015. The paper is entitled:

Achieving Sustainable Adaptive Reuse In Architectural Design Studio

Using Environmental Simulation

      * Participated in the RAE2016 that was held at the faculty of Architectural

Engineering by co-authoring a paper entitled:

Re-thinking  Bloom's  Taxonomy  By  Integrating  Digital  Simulation  In

Pragmatic Architectural Education


* Representing  BAU  as  a  TC  205  member  at  The  Lebanese  Standards Institution (LIBNOR) and participating in preparing the Lebanese Green Building Standard as a Member of the technical Committee representing BAU at LIBNOR


    * 1997-2001 Five years Scholarship awarded for distinction, granted by BAU (Ranked first for five consecutive years)

      * 2001 Gamal Abdel Nasser award for academic distinction

      * 2001  Mohammed  Ghanem  El  Chamaa  award  (The  highest  grade  on  the

graduation project)

      * 2012 Awarded for the best scientific research for postgraduate studies at BAU

research day