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Academic Development & Quality Assurance Center

Structure and Duties

Organizational Structure

1.Head of the Centre/ University President.
2.Deputy Head/ Dean of Academic Development & Quality.
3.Executive Director/ Expert in Quality Assurance in higher education.
4.Academic Staff/ Members. 
5.Non-Academic Staff/ Members.

Duties and Tasks 

1. Duties and Tasks of the Deputy Head
a.To set criteria for the internal auditing of the University, as well as establish and implement a strategy that ensure continuity in the academic development and enhancement of quality assurance and its applications;
b.To monitor the validity of the educational input, the efficiency of the educational process, and the quality of the output and issues of excellence in order to propose adequate plans for development;
c.To set up the action plan of quality development for each semester, at University level, in coordination with the University President;
d.To lead the internal audit on-site visits to all Faculties and Branches;
e.To express an opinion on regularly formulating or updating the University mission, vision and objectives;
f.To develop and express an opinion concerning the overall performance of the University, as well as its indicators and repercussions in terms of quality assurance;
g.To review the international benchmarks for the accreditation of higher education institutions, and deciding the extent to which these are acknowledged in Lebanon and internationally, as well as their autonomy, and their tangible and practical ability to achieve the intended objectives; 
h.To report to the University President.

2. Duties and Tasks of the Executive Director

a.To provide different Faculties with technical assistance and support; 
b.To request cooperation from academic and non-academic staff at the University level in order to accomplish and execute all quality assurance works;
c.To be aware of all educational and extracurricular activities at the University level;
d.To assist all Faculties on preparing their own self-assessment report for the sake of getting the programme international accreditation;
e.To participate in the on-site visits to all Faculties and branches;
f.To coordinate with the Deputy Head;
g.To report to the Deputy Head.

3. Duties and Tasks of the Members
a.To disseminate the culture of quality among all academic and administrative domains of the University;
b.To facilitate in the on-site visits for all faculties and branches;
c.To issue their comments to the Executive Director following Faculties on-site visits check list items and standards;
d.To follow-up the progress achieved towards attaining accreditation and the various stages covered by the programmes;
e.To participate in conferences, seminars, workshops and training sessions related to quality assurance activities inside and outside the University;
f.To issue a report after attending any conference or activity to share benefits and experiences. 

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