ACCT 706-Seminar in Advanced Statistical Methods (3 Crs.)


This course aims to provide an overview and understanding of some of the more commonly used and applied statistical techniques. It will cover methods for both continuous data as well as categorical data. The standard setting will be the supervised learning situation in which there is one target variable, the behavior of which is to be predicted by some other variables. We will briefly revise the essentials of confirmatory statistics, including hypothesis testing, significance and power, as well as the ideas behind data reduction, prediction and explanation. The course is 'advanced' in terms of concepts and methods, rather than statistical theory or algebra. The focus will be on real-world applications, discussing the assumptions, limitations and interpretations of a wide range of statistical techniques.

During the course, a number of advanced statistical techniques as laid out in the official course description will be introduced. Students will have the opportunity to practice statistical analysis in SPSS. The seminar will also discuss published empirical social science research papers.

Papers to be discussed will be decided upon jointly by the instructor and the participants.