The Public Relations department at Beirut Arab University- Tripoli Campus organized an interactive session entitled “Engage to Impact” with Mr. Ahmad el Ahmad; expert in Strategic Intelligence, Leadership, Geopolitics, and Humanitarian Affairs, on Thursday February 21, 2019. The event, which was attended by BAU Deputy Secretary General Mr. Mohamad Hammoud, Director of Faculty of Architecture Dr. Nabil Mohareb, Director of Faculty of Engineering Dr. Ahmad El-Lakany, Director of Faculty of Science Dr. Sherif El-Gayyar, professors, and a crowd of students from all faculties, started by a greeting note from colleague Miss Rayan El-Jam. The objective of the lecture was to introduce attendees to specific areas of focus that are interconnected and currently shaping the world, and some parts of the MENA region at an unprecedented and exponential pace. The parallel underlying message was equally important - that Lebanon is lagging dangerously behind. It desperately needs more individuals to understand that in order to "Engage to Impact" their communities and the world around them, they must first identify and focus on what they need to "Engage to Impact" themselves. Achieving some measure of success in the latter will make people much more effective and perhaps successful when they turn their focus to "Engage to Impact" their communities. Mr. Ahmad furtherly explained the process of personal (inward) evolution and subsequent transition outward into the community, which begins with Understanding how our brains function; identifying from among the 4 brain quadrants, what our "natural lead" quadrant is, in order to focus on it and further develop this natural specialization and other relevant competencies. Thus Understanding how our brain functions facilitates developing our sense of meaning which enables identifying and securing a personal frame of reference that can always be sourced whenever we become frustrated, exhausted and/or fail in our endeavors. Then into developing a sense of purpose, which gives an individual direction and objectives. While the sense of meaning is grounded in who and why we are, a sense of purpose is directional and priority related. It is adaptive and may be a continuously evolving process. But the two are intrinsically linked. Mr. Ahmad also included in his talk a very brief discussion on Artificial Intelligence (AI); to understand precisely what is meant by "AI", and if in fact the human formula/definition for intelligence is applicable for systems that are designed (with complex algorithms) and specifically intended for pattern recognition and computations. Words and their definitions matter; if we misuse or overgeneralize terminologies such as "intelligence", "machine learning" and "machine thinking", we risk misunderstanding their purpose as tools and also their limitations. The session concluded by integrating the discussed topics to help further participants in problem-solve within communities. Mr. Ahmad ended the interactive session by saying” The future is promising; but only if we, individually and collectively, work smart to make it so - Think Forward, Envision Forward, and Problem-Solve Forward”.