In collaboration with Tamayyaz; a bespoke provider of tailored solutions for leading organizations and individuals across the Mena region, Beirut Arab University – Tripoli Campus, organized a session entitled, “Self-Discovery  Mini Journey” on April 4, 2017 delivered by The Learning and Development Manager at Tamayyaz; Ms. Angele Abi Khalil. The event was hosted and organized by the Public Relations department at Tripoli Campus, and was attended by a crowd of students from all faculties.

Ms. Nala Makkouk,  The Head of Public Relations Unit in Campus welcomed the guest speaker, Ms. Abi Khalil and the attendees. Ms. Makkouk said that’’ We spend the best years of our lives going to the university to learn how to be something. We attend class, do our homework and study for tests; though some try harder than others, we all try. In the real world, books won't lead us out of the woods. Some answers we can't find in the dictionary or in an encyclopedia, and a map will never lead us where we ought to be if we didn’t try to discover our true selves, our passion, and what we are best dedicated to do. For that, Self-aware Learning about ourselves comes with guarantees way beyond money and success “.

The session started with Ms. Angele talking about her life journey and how she found her true career passion. Ms. Abi Khalil introduced the development of the MBTI (Myers–Briggs Type Indicator) which is an introspective self-report questionnaire designed to indicate psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions.  Furthermore, Ms. Abi Khalil explained the four dimensions of the MBTI: extraversion versus introversion; sensing versus intuition; thinking versus feeling; and judging versus perceiving and the usefulness of opposite types. The session was very interactive as different games and exercises were practiced and discussed with all participating students. In the end Ms. Angele motivated the students to dwell further in Getting to know themselves, which is a beautiful never-ending discovery that will help them in advance in every aspect of their lives. As when they know their self-worth, they will have healthier relationships with friends, in their professional life and life in general.