Beirut Arab University- Tripoli Branch and the Safadi Cultural Association, in partnership with  Mina Municipality, launched the project "Our City Our Way", co-funded by the European Union within the framework of the Regional Program Med Culture and the SouthMed CV Project, with a group of 30 youths between the ages of 14 and 17, As a "child-friendly city" based on their needs, aspirations and dreams, drawing on the techniques of architectural drawing, photography and building of models.

The ceremony was attended by MP Mohammed Safadi, represented by Rabih Othman, former Minister Omar Meskawi, the Mayor of Mina, Mr. Abdelkader Alameddine, members of the Municipal Council, Tripoli Mayor Ahmed Qamareddine, represented by Dr. Khaled Tadmori, directors of public administrations, Director General of Safadi Cultural Society Ms. Samira Baghdadi, Vice President for Tripoli Branch Affairs Prof. Khaled Baghdadi, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture at BAU and Deans of the Faculties of Architecture at the Northern Universities , the Coordinator of the Branch at the Association of University Graduates in the North Mr. Ahmad Sankri and representatives of the participating bodies in the project.

After the Lebanese National Anthem and Beirut Arab University Anthem, Ms. Nala Makouk, welcomed the audience mentioning that the Youth Project "Our city our way’’ is a unique project aimed at enhancing the spirit of citizenship and leadership among young people from the Mina area and inspires them by training them to understand their city and to look critically at it.

The Assistant Professor of Architecture-Design & Built Faculty, Dr. Eslam Samahi, presented a technical presentation of the project explaining the most important techniques that will be used by the youths to develop a vision of their city.

Then Ms. Samira Baghdadi took the speech considering that "the project stems from an absolute belief in the role of youth and children, Image of the city and its adoption .The partners in the project did not want to work for the youth, but with them," she said. “The Safadi Cultural Society, the Beirut Arab University, the Tripoli Branch, and the Municipality of Mina agreed to overcome the culture of institutional selfishness and to move towards a culture of genuine partnership.

In her turn, Prof. Bastawisi pointed "the Beirut Arab University has paid special attention to the development of society and participated in studying its problems and developing appropriate scientific solutions through many scientific researches in its faculties, which are funded mainly by national and international institutions." Architecture - Design and Urban Environment is one of the oldest and most influential faculties of the university. It influenced the society in terms of the specializations offered, which concern the architectural design and its compatibility with the natural and built environment as well as urban design and planning.

Alameddine, Mayor of Mina, said that "This project will be the first of a series of projects to be prepared’’ expressing his keenness to restore the distinguished relations with Arab and international institutions to strengthen the development of Mina and Tripoli. He pointed out that "this project is the result of fruitful cooperation between partners to serve a coastal city worthy of projects useful to its citizens."

The opening ceremony was followed by the completion of applications for admission to the project from about 120 high school students in Mina, before taking a tour of the College and the Model Making Lab and carrying out the most important work techniques to be used in the project. The students also visited an exhibition of models and engineering designs in which they listened to the teachers and students of the Faculty of Architecture explaining the projects presented.