PHAR 512 Toxicology and First Aid

PHAR 512  Toxicology and first aid

Department offering the course: Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Level [Semester]: Fifth [Spring]

Basic Information

Total Credit Hours: 2
Lecture: 2
Professional Information
Overall Aims of the Course
The course aims to provide students with the basic knowledge and understandings of the principles of general toxicology , clinical toxicology as well as the toxicity of common drugs, household products, substances of abuse, common environmental and food toxins and toxicants. In addition, the course aims to provide deep knowledge and understandings of the mechanisms of action of antidotes with examples of available antidotes and their uses in clinical situations.  The course aims also to promote students abilities and skills to solve cases related to clinical toxicology. 

Time Table:
Mon 8- 10 am 
Tue 8- 10 am 

Office Hours:   
Fri  8- 10 am     

Assessment  Methods:
- Written examinations to assess knowledge base and intellectual abilities
- Oral examination to assess professional and communication skills
- Oral presentation to assess communication skills and professional attitudes
- Assignments to assess ability of  independent learning

List of References
- Poisoning and drug overdose, Kent R. Olson.  (3rd edition).
- Clinical Toxicology: Principles and Mechanism, Frank A. Barile.  CRC
Press, N.Y.
- Principles of clinical toxicology, third edition, Gossel T., Bricker J., 1994, Raven press,
- Manual of overdoses and poisonings, Linden C., Rippe J., Irwin R., 2006, LIPPINCOTT Williams and Wilkins.        
Electronic Materials, Web Sites etc.

Further reading: