PHAR280 Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry III

Lab Instructor

PHAR280 Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry III

Department offering the course:  Pharmaceutical Technology    
Level [Semester]: one[second]    

Basic Information
Total Credit Hours: 2
Lecture: 1
Practical: 2
Professional Information
Course Description and Overall aims:
The objective of the course is enabling the student to understand the fundamentals of oxidation-reduction and  electrochemical techniques appropriate for the modern chemical analysis laboratory and explaining the application of these principles in the pharmaceutical analysis of drug substances  in pharmacopeia using method validation The course provides the foundational knowledge that prepares students to take licensing examinations and to be efficient, effective and accurate practicing pharmacists in diverse practice settings. More important, the student should be aware to the limitations on applying these methods to the quality control management of new pharmaceutical compounds as well as different pharmaceutical formulations before delivery to the patient.
Prerequisite: PHAR270 Pharmaceutical Analytical chemistry II

Time Table:    
Lab : Thursday 8-6            

Office Hours: 
Thursday 12-2

Assessment  Methods:
- Lab. Activities to assess the practical skills
- Mid-term exam  
- Report discussion to assess data interpretation
- Practical examination to assess intellectual and professional skills
- Final exam to assess the student understanding of the basic background of the course.
- Oral exam to assess the ability of the student to communicate

List of References:
1-Quantitative chemical analysis, Daniel.Harries, 7th ed. W.h. freeman & Company,  2007.
2-Fundamentals of Analytical chemistry, D.A. Skoog etal, 8th ed.. brook/Cole 2004

Further reading:
3-British Pharmacopoeia
4-United States Pharmacopoeia