PHAR 260 Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry I

PHAR260 Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry I

Department offering the course:  Pharmaceutical Technology    
Level [Semester]:one spring    

Basic Information
Total Credit Hours:3
Lecture: 2
Practical: 2
Professional Information

Course Description and Overall aims:
The study of this course enables the student to characterize different ions. This is performed through knowledge of nature of material, atomic structure, bonding, chemical equilibria and stoichiometry and the relationships between the structure of molecules and their chemical properties and behaviour. It develops competencies in techniques for identifying, analyzing and solving real-life pharmaceutical and pharmacy problems involving calculations. The student also gains the basic knowledge in qualitative inorganic analysis. This is profoundly helpful in solving problems during pharmaceutical analysis through preparing the students to know interferences of heavy metals impurities in the active pharmaceutical ingredients and how to qualitatively detect such metal impurities (according to compendial methods). The course also aims to cultivate a professional attitude and develop skills relative to good laboratory practice, communication, team work , time management and responsibility for individual learning.

Prerequisite : PHAR 250 Pharmaceutical physical chemistry 

Time Table:
Lecture :
Tuesday  8-10                    
Thursday 10-12            

Lab :
Wednesday 8-4            

Office Hours: 

Monday 1-3
Tuesday 10-12
Thursday 12-2

Assessment  Methods:
- Mid-term exam   
- Practical exam  to assess intellectual and professional skills
- Final exam to assess the student ability to remember and retrieve information as well as understanding of scientific background.
- Lab. Activities to assess the practical skills

List of References
- An introduction to general chemistry, connecting chemistry to your life by I.Blei and G.Odian, 2nd ed, W.H.Freeman and company 2006
- General chemistry, D.D. Ebbing and S.D. Gammon, 8th ed., Houghton Miffin company 2005

Further reading:
1- British Pharmacopoeia
2- United States Pharmacopoeia